Loving Lately June 2016

New month, new season, new love list! Let’s celebrate! Here is the June edit of Loving Lately, with five of my newest faves…beauty, style, and shows included.

Glossier ‘Rose’ Balm Dotcom.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

Glossier added flavored balms to their product line-up this spring, and I just got my hands on their Rose variety. It’s everything. Emollient, lightly fragranced, and kissed with just a hint of sheer pink color, the balm is a must for a no-makeup-makeup look. It keeps my lips soft and supple, which is an obvious must. I also own Glossier’s coconut balm–it’s untinted, but moisturizes like no other and smells like summer in a tube! (Next up on my purchase list is their cherry variety, which has a gorgeous red hue.) At $12 per tube, the price point is admittedly a little steep, but I can promise you that it’s worth it and that you’ll love it! Balm Dotcom is actually billed as a universal skin salve, so you can use it anywhere that you need a little extra TLC. Cuticles, dry elbows, cheekbone enhancement, whatever…It’s, well, bomb. PS: I have a 20% discount for Glossier if you’re a first-time buyer–just click through HERE and use my link to shop! ♡ 

C9 Champion ‘FOCUS’ Performance Athletic Shoes.

C9 Champion Focus

These Yeezy-inspired tennies randomly caught my eyes on a Target trip, and I caved and bought them the next time I went to the store. While I picked them up for sheerly aesthetic reasons, I’ve really come to love them. While I reserve my Nikes for actual running, these sneaks are perfect for kicking around, taking the dogs on long walks, and doing errands. They’re crazy lightweight–like, I almost feel like I’m barefoot-but-better when I have these on–and the insole is made of ultra-cushy memory foam that molds perfectly to my feet. I literally don’t want to take them off. Oh, and did I mention that they’re cute?! For $37? I’ll take it.

Melrose Place.

Melrose Place

What can I say? Darren Star is a genius! Late last year, I became absolutely obsessed with the original Beverly Hills 90210. When our cable line-up unexpectedly changed (boo!) I was totally bummed, and went through a massive 90s TV withdrawal. While searching for on-demand options for streaming 90210 (season 1 is on Amazon Prime!), I was formally introduced to Star’s other 90s masterpiece: Melrose Place. Guys, it is ridiculous in the best way. The drama is completely over-the-top. I’m currently ~halfway through season three, and we’ve already covered multiple murder plots, a runaway bride, a prostitution ring, a stolen baby, and a cult. SO good. The show came out when I was like, four, so this is all new to me! I also love that each of the five seasons that are on Prime are almost all 30 episodes long, so you don’t burn through the series in a couple of days. I’ll have another meltdown once I finish S5 and can’t find S6 or S7, but for now, we’re good. 😉

Bomber jackets.

It’s officially summer and I’m enamored with bomber jackets – what the heck, right? My fav fabric du jour is satin, and I’m partial to pieces in pink, black, and hunter green. There’s something v model-off-duty about the juxtaposition of the feminine silky fabric and the jacket’s masculine silhouette…It’s the ultimate cool-girl pairing. Pretty sure that bombers are going to be EVERYWHERE this fall, so pick one up now and you’ll be fully ahead of the curve. I’ve spotted an amazing selection–priced from highest to lowest–at Topshop, ASOS, and (surprisingly!) Wet Seal.

OPI ‘Samoan Sand’ Nail Polish.

OPI Samoan Sand

Chrissy Teigen recommended this polish both on FABLife and on Snapchat months ago, but I just recently got around to trying it. Guys, it’s a must. Samoan Sand is the TRUTH! Though it can appear a bit pink or yellow in the bottle, I find that once the varnish is on, it’s a true, gorgeous nude, and a good nude polish is hard to find! Nude polish is awesome because it’s flattering, modern, chic, and makes my fingers look especially long, but Samoan Sand takes things to a new level of perfection. It’s rich and glossy and looks subtly stunning, and uh, if it’s good enough for Chrissy Teigen, it’s definitely good enough for me. The only thing I dislike about this polish? It takes about four coats to reach opacity. This means that a DIY mani is quite the undertaking in terms of time. All of those coats, however, do make for some strength-enhanced little claws once the polish (and obligatory Sally Hansen gel topcoat) finally sets!

What are you loving lately?!



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