1. If you’re into behind-the-scenes style info, you’ll love this: the costume designer from UnReal spilled her secrets on dressing the cast of the show to Racked, including the shopping deets on where she picks up all of those gowns.
  2. This NTY piece titled “The End of Reflection” is so true…and so disturbing. You know–#relatable but also #problematic. Max cultural relevance.
  3. Wedding season is upon us, so this Buzzfeed Barbies-gone-wild article on large-batch cocktails for bridal showers couldn’t have come at a better time.
  4. Good vibes and beauty combine in this  roundup where xoVain authors share what makes each of them feel their most beautiful.
  5. Finally, StyleCaster has a list of over 100(!!!) podcasts to binge listen to, ASAP. Obsessed.



2 comments on “5 Things to Read This Wednesday”

    • There are so many good ones on that list I kind of can’t stand it! Overwhelmed and loving it, lol!

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