3 Little Things You Can Do to Improve Your Day RIGHT NOW

Self-care Sunday strikes again! ♡ Here are three more instant life hacks for making your day better, ASAP.

1. Download the 5 minute journal app.

Even if you’re not a writer, journaling can be SO soothing, centering, and grounding. The 5 Minute Journal is ideal, since it allows you to dedicate a few minutes to reflection in a convenient, low-commitment way. The app? Just takes things to a new level! It’s a $5 purchase, but the download is forever on your phone (so probably also forever in your hands) and the print edition of the original 5 Minute Journal goes for upwards of $15, so it’s basically a deal and a half. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, the journal has simple daily prompts that are designed to help you reflect and live a happier life in only five minutes a day. The AM prompts focus on things that would make the day great and affirmations, while the nighttime prompts cover great things that happened that day, and ask you to reflect on ways that your day could have been improved. Gratitude is powerful! Learn more + get an idea of what the 5MJ has to offer HERE.

2. Set aside an item or two for donation.

Less clutter, more closet space, and a good deed? This tip is a total three-for-one, and each of those aspects pack a serious wellness-enhancing punch. Let’s break them down, shall we? Cleaning up your space not only makes your space more aesthetically pleasing, but it also  helps to allow you to think more clearly. Next, your freeing-up a little closet space provides room for new finds, and ensures that you won’t have a closet-full-of-clothes-but-nothing-to-wear meltdown, since you’re getting rid of things you no longer love. Finally, donating your once-loved items can help another babe in need. So yeah…You’re basically a rock star. #livingmybestlife

3. Give in + sign up for a subscription box. 

While this little tool admittedly is not an ‘instant’ form of life improvement, it IS a tip that will give you something tangible to look forward to. There are subscription boxes available at every price point and in every niche, whether you’re a beauty junkie, fit chick, or proud dog parent. Treat yourself! Not only is it REAL MAIL (exciting!) but it’s also like getting yourself a surprise gift, since with most boxes, you never know what all of the items are going to be before you buy. Check out the site My Subscription Addiction for reviews, coupon codes, and information about the world of monthly boxes!

Miss Part 1 of  this series? Catch up HERE! Stay tuned for more tips 🙂



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