3 Supplements I Swear By

I ran a quick poll on Twitter a few weeks ago asking about topics you’d like to see covered on Vitality Child, and info on supplements–my ride-or-die supplements, specifically–was the clear winner. I can totally understand why, too: supplements are weird and mysterious. I recently completed a sports nutrition course, and the lesson about sports supplements is supposedly always the best-attended, highest-traffic lecture of the entire program. It was also the topic that I personally looked most forward to learning about. So I get it – supplements are a very interesting thing. They’re also things that I personally consume each and every day. If you’re interested in that, read on! These are my three go-to, daily supplements that I take, and that I would recommend to anyone looking to get a little wellness boost and improve overall health.

Glitter Pills

Note: While I’m pro-supplement and am happy to tell you what I swear by, I think it’s important to remember a few things: I’m not a doctor or registered dietitian, you have to be realistic about what supplements can do for you, and you should always buy high-quality supplements. Check in with a trusted medical professional before adding any new supplements to your routine. Don’t go cheap on them, either–you want to make sure that what you’re putting into your body is made from high-quality ingredients and that the supplements actually contain what they say they do. Do your research and read reviews. Oh, and when it comes down to it, any/all  supplements are simply tools to support a healthy lifestyle and to enhance wellness…they aren’t magic beans. Now that THAT’S out of the way, here are my ride or die dietary supplements!

1. Fish oil.

Fish Oil Pearls

WHY: Heart health, anti-inflammatory, improved mood, reduced blood pressure, reduced cholesterol, brain health. Find out more HERE.

FREQUENCY: Two pearls, twice daily.

WHAT: Finest Nutrition Fish Oil Pearls.

Not only do these pearls pack a punch of 1200mg of fish oil per serving, but they also contain peppermint oil to thwart those nasty ‘fish burps’ that some other fish oils can cause. They’re also preservative, artificial coloring, and gluten-free and made from USA, wild-caught fish. Swear by ’em.

2. Digestive enzymes.

DGL Ultra Chocolate

WHY: Digestive support, nutrient absorption. Find out more HERE.

FREQUENCY: One pill, up to 3x a day, as needed.

WHAT: Enzymatic Therapy DGL Ultra.

Described as “extra-strength” digestive relief, these chocolate-flavored chewable tablets are the BEST for soothing any kind of digestive discomfort or distress. Directions suggest taking one tablet 20 minutes before eating, but I find that they work just fine for me even if I chew one after a meal, or if I’m already experiencing stomach wonkiness like bloating or gas. They’re supposed to work wonders for heartburn, too.

3. Probiotics.


WHY: Digestive, immune, and energy support. Find out more HERE.

FREQUENCY: One pill, once a day for maintenance, one pills twice a day for intensive support.

WHAT: LoveBug ‘Here’s The Skinny’ Digestive Health Probiotic.

LoveBug makes an entire line of high-quality probiotics, but I’m partial to their ‘Skinny‘ variety since it contains eight strains of healthy bacteria that their scientists have identified as optimal strains for digestive health. The specific strains used in Here’s The Skinny have been suggested to regulate leptin, break down waste and better absorb nutrients, and promote a healthy bacteria balance and improve digestion better than other strains. Cool, right?! They’re also USA-made, gluten, lactose, sugar, soy, wheat, and nut-free, and made without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. LoveBug’s other offerings include a specialized formula for extra immune-system enhancement, and a blend for avoiding UTIs and yeast infections. Highly recommend!

Are there any specific supplements you swear by? What do you take?



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