3 Little Things You Can Do to Improve Your Day RIGHT NOW

Miniature changes, maximum life improvement. What’s better than that?!

1. Change the background on your phone and laptop.

True story: the lock screen on my phone says “make today pretty”, and my wallpaper on my desktop says “TAKE ON THE DAY!!!” A little aggressive? Maybe. But it’s aggressive positivity. We spend a lot of time glued to our electronics, so I view these images as a form of subliminal messaging…obviously these messages should be good ones! Instead of going with a simple default pic or setting your screen to a picture of, say, Leonardo DiCaprio, try choosing an intentional image that speaks to you, makes you smile, or serves as a reminder to be your best self.  (I’m a major fan of the inspirational/motivational quote, for example, so those backgrounds work best for me. If you’re more into soothing scenery, go for that!) Find new wallpaper inspo on Pinterest or We Heart It and change it up.

2. Pursue digital positivity.

Don’t have time to read a personal development guide or stream a podcast? The Internet totally has your back. Head over to Tumblr and check out “nicesuggestion“, “thinkpozitiv“, and “positive-inking” for instant, digital shots of good vibes, words of wisdom, mantras, and tiny pep talks. On Twitter, @TheNiceBot has been “programmed to deliver random niceness every 60 seconds.” @tiniestsunshine posts short, sweet, inspiring tweets that are guaranteed to brighten up your feed. @2016positives takes things even further by tweeting daily posi pics and quotes aimed at infusing a little extra happy in 2k16. Sometimes I find that simply scrolling through these sites and accounts shifts my mindset puts me in a better mood.

3. REALLY rest for 5 minutes.

Have time to rest? Stop whatever else you could be doing and just rest. No multi-tasking, no running through mental to-do lists, no tidying up, no task completion–just rest. Our culture has totally normalized and even glamorized multitasking, but there’s something to be said about slowing down and doing ONE thing at a time. I mean, just think about how luxurious it will be to do your single thing?! Make rest intentional and make it a priority. Even if you can only commit to this kind of resting for a few minutes at first, definitely give it a try. If you do things right, half an hour of truly quality, singularly-focused R & R will feel majorly indulgent, and that’s insanely restorative.

Do you have any instant life hacks you swear by?




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