What I Eat In A Day

I always feel kind of meh about average ‘what I eat in a day‘ posts…until I’m actually reading them. It’s weird–I see that headline and I THINK I have minimal interest in the subject (because really, why would I care about someone else’s dietary habits??) but then as soon as I start reading, I’m totally intrigued and want more. Last weekend, for example, I completely binged on Forever Twenty-Somethings‘ “Weight Watchers Diary” series and was genuinely sad when I finished the last entry! And thaaaat’s basically where the this post comes in! Inspired heavily by Samantha’s series, I decided to keep track of what I ate with the intention of posting it here…my very own (and very first!) What I Ate post! Of course, what I eat in a day changes at least semi-frequently–I eat completely differently when I’m traveling, if I’m trying to shape up for an event, or if I’m not feeling well…even my summer and winter dietary preferences and indulgences are different enough that they could merit separate posts–but this intake is pretty average for me right now. Anyway, if you’re curious, here’s what I eat in a day…or at least what I ate on this particular day. 😉

My Food 1

9am: Hot water with lemon. I’m not a big morning eater–I never have been–so I like to keep things light until afternoon. I might have a smoothie or a yogurt, but I tend to go HAM on hydration instead…usually with sparkling water or kombucha, or occasionally a Suja Daybreak, Lemon Love, or Master Cleanse juice! I’ve recently gotten into Oh My Glow though, which is great for kicking off my day with a boost of energy. I’ll write a post on this soon!

11am: Honeycrisp apple sprinkled with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and hemp hearts with 2TBS peanut butter. Obsessed with this combo.

12pm: Workout time! I ran four miles. I like to run for between 20 – 40 minutes, hit a TIU toning routine, or do a few barre videos from the Barre3 app.

2pm: Raw almonds, dried white peaches, and Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, followed by a bowl of sautéed spinach with lemon pepper seasoning, butter, and turmeric. I was feeling particularly snack-y this afternoon, so I munched on the first three items instead of making a real lunch. Oops. 15 minutes later, I decided I wanted something else, so I whipped up a spinach bowl.

My Food 2

3:30pm: A square of Ghiradelli dark truffle chocolate and a can of Diet Coke while I edit and work on post ideas.

6pm: Large Caesar salad topped with a blackened salmon filet…I like the dressing mixed in and I never skip croutons. If anyone I’m dining with has fries, I HAVE to steal a handful of those, too.

8pm: Blueprint cashew milk + a handful of blueberry hemp snacks. My sweet tooth kicks in at night, but I TRY to keep it healthy! Today, I succeeded. Other times, I’ll opt for some Ben & Jerry’s or two chocolate chip cookies. You know, balance!

Are you into ‘what I ate’ posts?



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