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Favorite things are back, lovelies! Instead of doing tiny weekly “Things I Love Thursday” posts or penning monthly round-ups, I’ve just decided to pop in with Loving Lately entries whenever the mood strikes. Here we are! Fridays are the perfect time to treat yourself, right?! From fashion, beauty, style, and lifestyle necessities, I’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a little shop-spration, look no further…Here are four things I’m loving lately!

Liquid lipstick.

Blame it on Kylie–I’m addicted to liquid lipstick. Though I haven’t been able to get my paws on the coveted KJ lip kit, I’ve been stocking up on similar products–namely, NYX. My favorites are their Soft Matte Lip Cream for a chic, matte finish, Butter Gloss for a non-drying, bold color that lasts forever, and their Liquid Suede cream lipstick that goes on creamy and smooth, but dries matte. All of NYX’s offerings are cruelty-free and these lipsticks come in at under $10. According to IG, Maybelline has released a line of liquid lippies that have shades that are ideal dupes for some of Kylie’s shades, so I’m excited to try those out next!

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum.


OMG guys. This stuff is bomb. I’m obsessed with having long, thick, beautiful lashes…I’ve tried every well-rated lengthening mascara at every price point, worn falsies, and gotten lash extensions, but this stuff just might be my ultimate eyelash solution. The serum is a clear gel that you carefully apply with their wand, like mascara. The end of the wand also has a tiny brush that you can use to hit your lash line, inner eye, and itty-bitty bottom lashes. I put on Lash Accelerator in the morning (before mascara, if I’m wearing any at all!) and again before bed. It can get a little gummy if you over-apply, and you have to commit to using it consistently, but it works. I noticed results in just two weeks! Plus, you can’t beat that price. You can even use the serum on your brows! It’s a total must for my fellow lash-obsessed babes.


The choker trend has been going strong for months now, and, contrary to my usual tastes, my love for them has only increased. What can I say?! I love those 90s vibes. I’ve been wearing the classic black tattoo-style necklace on repeat for what seems like forever, but I’ve recently been eying the simple leather bolo/lariat style pieces that hit the festival circuit hard. I mean, Hermés even made one. I’m also crushing on the luxe choker–beading, crystals, shine. I prefer a dainty look to the gem-encrusted-choker-collar thing, but it’s a style that I’m really into in just about every iteration.



So, this is a bit of a wildcard pick, but I actually can’t get enough of Audible. Audible! Audiobooks! There are so many books I want to read, but I just don’t have time/don’t make the time to do that, and that’s where Audible comes in. With Audible, I can LISTEN to books that I’ve been wanting to read forever, whether that’s in the car, at the gym, hanging out around the house, or while traveling. You can’t exactly read and do other things at the same time, but you can almost always listen to the same content while still living your life. It’s the multi-taskers DREAM. Plus, with Audible’s app, you can stream or download media, so you really can listen anywhere. I downloaded and listened to Holly Madison’s Down The Rabbit Hole on a trip late last month and was instantly hooked on the whole deal. I wasn’t crazy about committing to another monthly subscription, but you save money by opting for a paid subscription since you get to pay for purchases in monthly “credits” instead of paying the sticker price for each audiobook, so that’s chill. And, oh hey, you can try it for free! Amazon is running a special promo that allows you to try audible for a month and score free two audiobook downloads, so you can check out the service risk free. Click, sign up, test it out. You’ll love it!

What are you loving lately?



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