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I came across this fun little getting-to-know-you post on my girl Jessie’s blog, Just Jessie. I loved reading her answers and getting a peek into her world…so much so that I knew I wanted to share the same post on my own site. I don’t do TOO many personal entries here, but I thought it’d be nice to switch things up a little bit and do something casual. Why not, right?! Here are four (but really 36!) things about me.

Four names I go by

1. Eliza

2. Liza

3. Lemon

4. Liza Bean

Four things I hate

1. Waiting.

2. Cringe-y moments…my own and hearing about other people’s!

3. Trying on clothes (fitting rooms just irritate me for some reason!)

4. Messing up a fresh manicure in 10 seconds flat, OMG.

Four places I have worked

1. An ESL preschool day camp

2. A prom dress store at the Mall of America

3. Gilly Hicks

4. A Pilates studio

Four things I love to watch

1. Virtually anything made by Darren Star

2. The Bachelor/ette

3. Documentaries

4. Unboxing videos–weirdly soothing and enthralling!

Four places I have been

…In the last year? We’ll go with that!

1. Las Vegas

2. Minneapolis

3. Nashville

4. Puerto Rico

Four things I love to eat

1. Peanut butter

2. Dried fruit, especially mango and white peach

3. Pesto anything

4. …Chicken?!

Four things I love to drink

1. Diet Coke

2. A good frozen margarita

3. Lemon water (especially with cayenne and a little maple syrup!)

4. Oh My Glow!

Four things I cannot live without

1. My family

2. My puppies

3. The Internet

4. Podcasts

Four things I am looking forward to

1. The delivery of some recent online shopping purchases.

2. Finishing up my sports nutrition class and certification.

3. Our upcoming anniversary trip.

4. Summer sun + nice weather!



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