1. Spend your days at a desk or chained to your laptop? Then you’re going to want to check out Yoganonymous“pose prescription” mini flow for spine-and-shoulder-aligning goodness.
  2. I was totally intrigued by this Byrdie piece on experimenting with a fruitarian diet…Mangoes, anyone?!
  3. If you love a good challenge, you need to click over to The Financial Diet ASAP – Lauren posted a round-up of nine 30-day challenges to kick off the season right.
  4. Speaking of money, this post from Regina on the trap of the “6-figure blogger” suck-in is a must for writers, readers, and entrepreneurs. Don’t get caught up in the myth! Similar things are happening in the world of “coaching”, too, and I think it’s disgusting. Always thankful that Regina keeps it real!
  5. Last but not least, a quick read on hacking your productivity by finding your personal biological prime time, from A Life of Productivity.



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