Be Your Own Dream Date - On Dating Yourself

Happy Self-Love Sunday! That’s not actually a thing, but since it SHOULD be, we’re making it happen here today with one of my favorite topics: dating yourself.

Only not like when older ladies casually mention something from their era and then do a strange, throaty laugh and say “well NOW I’m dating myself” as they swirl their glasses of Pinot Grigio…

No, no. Much better. We’re talking taking ourselves on actual dates. AKA something that you should totally start doing if you aren’t doing so already. 

Self dates are awesome, because they’re basically an excuse to celebrate yourself. To treat yourself. To do whatever the hell YOU want to do. Badass, right?! It’s “me time” on steroids. And why not?! We schedule girls night out, date nights, coffee breaks, and brunch…why not take a little time out for the most important woman in your life? Set the date. Put it on your calendar. Block out the time. We’re scheduling self love in a major way.  Heard the phrase, “you can’t pour from an empty cup“? It’s true – you have to take care of yourself. First. And hey–not ALL of the time, but frequently and intentionally. A self date is a simple way to do just that.

Personally, I’m loving the self date concept lately, especially since Alex has been traveling a lot more for work. I actually trick myself into looking forward to his being away by promising to show myself a fantastic boy-free time. My ideal self date these days–depending on how much time I have–typically includes:

  • Binging on YouTube videos (what’s in my bag + makeup tutorials)
  • Practicing the makeup techniques I learned in said videos.
  • Eating ice cream + other treats without having to share.
  • Doing a time-intensive creative project, like making a vision board, baking or cooking, or batch graphic design.
  • Online shopping + probably treating myself to something small.

As you can see, self dates/self date activities can be as simple or as complex as you desire. They can be totally free, or financially indulgent. And they can take up hours of time, or be over in five minutes. That’s part of the beauty and power of a self date, in my opinion. You get to do things, watch things, and even eat things that really appeal to you. It’s all about you, baby baby! Who WOULDN’T want to get in on that?!

…Here are a few date ideas to get you going.


  • Go to a movie
  • Get a massage
  • Grab a drink someplace fancy
  • Spend an hour wandering around in Sephora/Ulta/Whole Foods/Victoria’s Secret.
  • Plan a “date”–this is really just an outing that YOU want to do. City tour? Cooking class? Art exhibit? Cupcake tasting? Wine and paint night? Totally up to you!


  • Buy + display fresh flowers
  • Cook or order your fav meal
  • Indulge in ‘secret single behavior‘–I enjoy strange food combinations + fuzzy socks and coconut body cream + half-watching old episodes of Degrassi while reading blogs on my phone.
  • Marathon your favorite show
  • Stream some music and have a dance party
  • Break your ‘rules’. Change into your baggiest sweats and a t-shirt as soon as you get home! No food in bed? YES, food in bed! Fall asleep on the couch watching Vanderpump Rules!
  • Do your makeup (or don’t.)

…The only true rule for pulling off a perfect self date is that you are doing exactly what you want to do.

Not only do self dates keep you happy, but they’ll also keep you interesting. Having partner-free time and experiences is absolutely critical for maintaining a healthy, fresh relationship. You’ll take time out for yourself, do something out of the ordinary, and encounter different people, and then you get to come together with your significant other full of new things to talk about. You = rejuvenated. Relationship = refreshed. Try it, trust me.

When you date yourself, everyone wins…especially you. 😉



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