Celebrating International NO DIET Day | VITALITY CHILD.

The tail end of this week is packed full of holidays–both actual and pop-culture. Between yesterday’s Cinco de Mayo and Sunday’s Mother’s Day, though, there’s actually something going on today: International No Diet Day

While this is a wellness blog, I’m pretty firmly anti-diet, at least in the traditional sense.  At their worst, diets can equal restriction, deprivation, obsession, and guilt. At their best? They’re still no FUN. And what happens if or when you actually hit your goal weight? Well, I can tell you. 

I weighed the least I have in my adult life. My body looked amazing. I could quite literally wear anything I wanted, defaulting to the smallest in-stock size. But I was deeply unhappy. Was it worth it? No. While I was unhappy because of things that were going on in my life at the time, being on a super-strict eating and exercise regimen didn’t exactly help me to enjoy life, either. All in all, it was a pretty grey period. I was tiny, yes, but that was all. And that sucks.

I came across a meme on Instagram posted by Shelley of SeashellsandSitups that read, “don’t miss out on 95% of your life to weigh 5% less”, and I think that it is CRAZY pertinent for today’s holiday.

What’s your number? 10%? 20%? At some point, if you’re living life on a diet, you’re going to have to miss out. 

Would you be 25% less happy if it meant you could fit into size 0 jeans?

It’s not worth it.

International No Diet Day | VITALITY CHILD
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For more no-diet content, check out Kelsey Miller’s Refinery29 column, The Anti-Diet Project, and her new book, Big Girl. For a #bodyposi podcast, try Maddy Moon’s Mind Body Musings. Follow the #internationalnodietday tag on Twitter for updates, and finally, for more info on today’s holiday, make sure to click over to NEDIC.

Want to “celebrate” No Diet Day? Take a minute out today and realize–and, more importantly, recognize–that your body is awesome and beautiful just how it is at this very second. Give yourself some breathing room. Ditch the scale. Put on something that makes you look and feel good. Realize that you can simultaneously love and appreciate your body, but that you can also work to better it. Dieting and diet brain suck – we all know this. Today, take a step back. Instead of focusing on your after photos, goal weight, or “skinny” size, accept yourself for how you are in this very moment and do something to really treat yourself…whether that means going to a hot barre class, grabbing a cupcake, or getting your nails done. You–the you you are right now–deserve it. Promise.



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