1. I have a thing about extra-glam bathrooms, so this list from Travel Zoo about hotels with unbelievably stunning bathroom views pretty much spoke straight to my soul.
  2. Next up, James Clear covers goals vs systems, because even though they sound kinda similar, there’s definitely a difference, + you’re gonna want to know more.
  3. Obsessing over this feature from S Life Mag on how to sync up your workout routine with your monthly cycle. Enlightening.
  4. Whether you’re currently living alone or you’re hoping to embrace a roommate-free existence sometime soon, CHAARG‘s post on being your own best roommate is packed full of helpful, actionable tips to make the most of living by yourself.
  5. Finally, this NYT piece about the lives and weights of former Biggest Loser cast members six years on unlocks some crazy data about metabolism, and provides scientific reasoning behind why so many people have trouble keeping the weight off after they’ve initially lost it.



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