2000s, please.

Let’s go back…back to the beginning.

I listened to Holly Madison’s Down The Rabbit Hole on Audible last week, and it sent me into a whirlwind of reminiscing. I know that people get nostalgic about movies and TV shows that they watched during their formative years–and I DO own the first five seasons of The Girls Next Door on DVD–but I found myself absolutely longing for the early-reality-TV-era of celebrity drama. You know, the time back when weekly tabloids reigned, and celeb gossip blogs were juuuust starting to become A Thing? The players: Paris. Britney. Lindsay. Anna Nicole. Jenny McCarthy. Jessica Simpson. The shows: Girls Next Door. The Simple Life. 8th and Ocean. My Super Sweet 16. The Hills. Pretty Wild. (There are still SOME shows from that particular time period that continue to run, of course–think, The Bachelor and the entire Real Housewives franchises–but it’s just not the same. That mid-2000s magic is largely gone.) There was so much variety! So much ridiculousness! There was even a little mystery! Now? It’s all Kardashians, all the time, everywhere and everything. And TBH, I’m really kind of over it.


Remember taking selfies with your digital camera? You’d have to flip the camera around so the lens was facing you and then freeze your way into the frame. Before anyone else could even SEE said selfie, you’d have to go through your camera roll and delete 5 other photos, not because you didn’t look perfect in them, but because you accidentally chopped off the top of your head or half of your face. Then, you had to take the memory card out of the camera and put it into your computer, then select the file that contained your photo and transfer it from your camera to your desktop. And that doesn’t even include the additional steps you’d have to take to do the most basic of photo editing, or to post them on MySpace or Facebook V. 1.0! And while I admit that this is not the most glowing memory I have of the years between 2003 – 2009, I can appreciate that selfies used to require some real commitment. Now? Our phones have TWO cameras, we have multiple apps that do semi-professional retouch jobs, and we can share photos and post photos with the click of a single button–it’s too easy.

A N Y W A Y !

Lilo Britney Paris

If you could use a little extra 00s action in your life, I’ve totally got you covered. First, check out “vintage” pop culture Tumblr blogs, Party Like It’s 2007 and Pop Culture Died in 2009 for a fix. For your viewing pleasure, the creator of Party Like It’s 2007 has seamlessly pieced together hours of interview footage from Cali’s golden era in order to create feature-length, documentary style films focusing on our favorite celebutantes. As for those shows? Search YouTube for your faves–you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by what someone has taken the time to upload. Finally, if all else fails, take a looong look at the fashion trends of yesteryear with this piece from Buzzfeed, this one from E!, and this one from Teen Vogue. Just don’t go buy yourself a Juicy tracksuit or a cherry blossom Louis Vuitton bag. Or, you know, do. A little extra 2000s never hurts 😉 




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