5thingstoreadthiswednesdayVCHey guys! I’ve been traveling–and thus super M.I.A.–the past week or so, but I wanted to make sure to get a quick 5 Things post up this afternoon in an attempt to snap myself back into blogging shape. Expect regular posting schedule to resume this week! I’ll have new stuff up on the site at least three more times in the next seven days, so stay tuned. ♡ Now, 5 things to read this SUNDAY.

  1. Totally charmed by this Drugstore Addiction post on simple ways to become more elegant. Side note: Remember when The Bachelor’s Juan Pablo used to compliment Sharleen Joyint by saying she was “sooo elegant“? Those were the days!
  2. Could the secret to taming your sweet tooth be salmon?! According to ELLE, fish just might be our magic bullet.
  3. If you’re a fellow work-from-home babe/solopreneur, this post from xoSarah on treating your (one and only!) employee right is an absolute must read.
  4. Dyson, the brand famous for somehow managing to make vacuum cleaners trendy, has jumped into the beauty space with a $400 blow dryer that will let you dry your hair in virtual silence. GIMME.
  5. Finally, Nylon totally killed it with their feature about the 30 best celebs to face swap with on Snapchat. So funny.



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