My Experience with the Girlspo Positive Girlspo Guide

Guys, I’m obsessed with the Girlspo+ Guide. For those of you who haven’t heard of the Aussie-based brand, the Girlspo+ Guide is an ebook-based, 30-day challenge and social media movement that’s focused on mental wellbeing and whole life improvement. I was selected to be a brand ambassador for Girlspo+ at the end of last month, and I’ve alluded to the guide a couple of times on the blog and have been posting a lot of #girlspotribe-related content on IG, but I wanted to wait to elaborate on my experience until I was at least a few weeks in. Girls, that time is NOW: as of Friday, I’m halfway through the guide. It. Is. So. Good.

The Girlspo Guide Cover

So…What IS the Girlspo+ Guide?!

Don’t worry, I got you. Here’s the breakdown.

In its most basic form, the Girlspo+ Guide is an ebook. But–and this is a BIG but–it is so. much. more. than that. See, while the Girlspo+ Guide is an ebook, it’s drastically different from all of the fitness training manuals, macro guides, and nutrition plans on the market that are SO popular right now. Instead of focusing solely on diet, fitness, or getting the ultimate bikini body, Girlspo is all about true holistic improvement and self-mastery, because our insides are just as important as our outsides. At a cost of just over $40 USD, the guide is a 30-day challenge aimed to help women live their happiest, healthiest lives.  The guide breaks things up into five distinct sections: taking control, thinking well, finding happy me, building healthy habits, and igniting your motivation. Each of these segments covers different lifestyle topics, like confidence, positive thinking, emotional eating, treating yourself, happiness, and healthy relationships, providing practical advice, inspiration, and the actual TOOLS to make real, powerful changes.Though the guide is structured into daily tasks/prompts that are designed to be completed over the course of a month, it has lifelong value…Even if you followed it EXACTLY as written for a month, it’s so full of incredible content and exercises that you’ll that you’ll want to return to it over and over again. I’ve given you an overview of the topics we’ve covered in the first half of the guide below, so you can get a feel for things and see if the program is right for you. You can get the full scoop on all things Girlspo+ HERE.

The GIrlspo Positive Guide

Girlspo+ Topics – Days 1-15:

Day 1: Taking back control.

Day 2: Mindful eating.

Day 3: Did you spot it?

Day 4: Think yourself happy.

Day 5: Positive people, positive places.

Day 6: The key is a confident me.

Day 7: The ugly critic.

Day 8: The body double.

Day 9: Dealing with emotional whirlwinds (part 1)

Day 10: Dealing with emotional whirlwinds (part 2)

Day 11: Why ANTS ruin life’s picnics.

Day 12: I just wanna be perfect!

Day 13: Well, I’ve blown it!

Day 14: Depriving myself.

Day 15: The healthy relationship.

The Girlspo Pyramid

My favorite day so far has been Day 11, “why ANTs ruin life’s picnics“. While ants in the traditional sense do kinda suck, in Girlspo-speak, “ANTs” are so much worse! It’s a clever ‘lil acronym that stands for “Automatic Negative Thoughts”–the kind of thoughts that seem to pop into your head out of nowhere, flood you with loathing or anxiety, and totally kill your vibe. They’re also responsible for creating negative emotions and can eat away at your self confidence without you even realizing it. Guys, this is something that I’m so guilty of. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been really hard on myself. The little voice inside my head? It’s not always so nice. It’s usually pretty critical! This is something that I’ve been working to change, and the strategies provided in the Girlspo+ Guide have been so helpful. Day 11’s reality-check challenges and positive thinking tips have genuinely helped me to shift my thinking and I’m already feeling better mentally.

If you’re thinking about buying the guide for yourself (and seriously, you SHOULD be!) here are three things that you can do that will highly improve your Girlspo+ experience.

The Girlspo Guide on Instagram - Follow along @Girlspo_positive!

MY advice for rocking the Girlspo+ Guide:

  1. Post to IG + follow other #girlspotribe members. The 30-day-challenge design means that the Girlspo+ Guide lends itself perfectly for inclusion on your social media channels, especially Instagram! IG is also the perfect place for you to get inspired and to connect with other Girlspo+ babes! To get started, I recommend following my fellow brand, and @barbora_yogaMake sure to follow the Girlspo+ team, too! Find them at @girlspo_positive.
  2. Have the guide printed or make sure you have your copy saved in multiple places for anytime access. Though the guide is delivered to your email upon purchase,  and I love the freedom and flexibility of having access to a digital product whenever/wherever, I highly recommend having a copy of Girlspo+ printed if you can swing it! The guide has workbook pages throughout that are designed to have you write on them, and putting pen to paper is incredibly powerful. Some resources for inexpensive printing and binding include,, and! Can’t or don’t want to print your guide? I’d recommend saving it to your phone, computer, and tablet for quick and easy access.
  3. Get a Girlspo+ notebook for notes + reflection. Whether or not you decide to print your copy of the guide, you’re going to want to dedicate a cute little notebook to all things Girlspo. Many of the pages and prompts call for reflection, and taking notes will help to keep you centered, inspired, and on track. There is SO much good stuff packed into the guide that you’re going to want to write things down. Plus, how awesome will it be to be able to look back at your notes once you’ve completed the challenge?! It’s a detailed record of a period of your incredible personal transformation.

Need the Girlspo+ Guide in your life? Pick up your copy HERE + make sure to come back and let me know what you think! To keep up with my Girlspo adventures, follow me on Instagram @vitaitychild.



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