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IS IT APRIL 25TH YET?! If you’re a TIU girl, you probably already know the significance of that particular date–it’s the official start of the 2016 Bikini Series. Tone It Up babes broke the (TIU) internet earlier this week when they crashed TIU’s site, special backup, and app. This level of insanity alone should tell you something about the Bikini Series, but in case you hadn’t already picked up on it yourself, let me confirm: for fit chicks everywhere, this is the most wonderful time of the year. The Tone It Up Bikini Series is Karena and Katrina’s 8-week, pre-summer tune-up-and-tone-up challenge, which kicks off in a few short weeks. For the uninitiated, the Bikini Series is a fitness program replete with new weekly workouts, nighttime lifestyle challenges, and prizes for “checking in” and staying accountable. K&K have also been known to launch new goodies during Bikini Series, too – from Maaji bikinis to DVDs to new Perfect Fit protein flavors. It’s all pretty magical. The best part? You don’t need expensive gym clothes or workout equipment…you don’t even NEED to buy a Beach Babe DVD or be an official Tone It Up member. It’s the perfect way to prep for summer, tighten up your bod, and get happy and healthy. You in? You can sign up HERE. In the meantime, here are a few things you can do right now to make the most out of the upcoming Tone It Up Bikini Series.

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1. Start planning now.

Being prepared is ideal in just about every situation, and the Bikini Series is no different. Take the next few weeks to really get into TIU mode and prep for the upcoming challenge. Print off your #100bysummer checklist. Review Tone It Up recipes and/or page through the member’s only 8-week meal plan from last year’s Bikini Series. Take your “before” shots. Set your intentions and write down a few goals. Not only will this planning ensure a smooth start to the Bikini Series, but it will also likely get you inspired and excited to get started!

2. Clean out your pantry + fridge.

While it’s probably a liiiitle early to be doing your grocery shopping (unless it’s for frozen fruits and vegetables, nuts, oats, or LARABARs), you can get a jump on Bikini Series-style eating by clearing out your pantry and fridge ASAP. Tone It Up approved meals involve fresh, whole, minimally processed foods, with a focus on eating a “lean clean and green” diet. If your current diet is less than ideal, now is the right time to clean things up a bit! Ditch soda, sweet treats, and processed junk food. Doing this now will make things so much easier when April 25th rolls around!

3. Connect with the TIU team + pick an accountability partner or two.

An accountability partner or team makes taking on the Bikini Series even better. Find a partner through the Tone It Up online community, a TIU Facebook group, or via Instagram. Make sure to search for #tiuteam #tiugirls on social media, and don’t forget to tag your TIU-related posts with similar hashtags so that your teammates can find and support you! These girls are the ones who will be encouraging you, sweating alongside you, answering your questions, and liking your post-gym selfies for the next eight weeks. K&K have even recommend creating separate TIU-specific IG and Twitter accounts where you can post all of your fitness content, and connect with like-minded women. The community is supportive and wonderful–I’ve “met” so many awesome girls on Instagram and Facebook thanks to Tone It Up…it really is a team.

4. Click through old Bikini Series content for inspiration.

Whether this is your first Bikini Series or your fifth, you just have to check out “vintage” Tone It Up content before the next challenge starts! From reading old articles on the TIU website, to watching exercise videos from previous years, to scrolling through the #bikiniseries tag on Instagram, to streaming episodes of Toned Up, there’s no better way to get acquainted with all things Bikini Series and TIU than to dive right in. HERE is a great place to start. From printables to product launches, prepare to be inspired!

5. Sign up for TIU motivational mail.

I signed up for motivational mail when I participated in my first official Bikini Series in 2014, and it was one of the best TIU-related decisions I’ve ever made. Go for it, girl! If you haven’t gotten in on it yet, now is the time! Run and organized completely by Tone It Up members, motivational mail is yet another way to connect with your teammates and spread the TIU love. This year, there are two options for participation: either send a note or card to a new TIU girl for every week of the series, OR put together the traditional ~$35 package of health-and-fitness themed goodies and mail it out to your assigned buddy, Secret Santa style. Whatever you choose, you’ll make at least one new fit friend and get a little extra motivation in the mail! Find the details on joining in with motivational mail HERE.

Are you Bikini (Series) ready?!



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