1. Craving the body-boosting benefits of apple cider vinegar but can’t stand the taste? You’re in luck: the lovely Courtney from Star Systemz has you covered with her post on how to make ACV not taste like crap! **Insert prayer hands emojis**
  2. It turns out that living and eating like an IG queen is a lot more challenging than it looks. Julie from ELLE committed to the ‘blogger diet’ for a week + somehow managed to survive and tell the tale.
  3. Violeta Nedkova talks creativity, passion, and productivity brought on by an unexpected source: a challenge that gave her permission to suck for 30 days.
  4. SO into this piece on positivity from Melyssa Griffin, especially this quote: “BEING POSITIVE IS NOT ABOUT PROJECTING A PERFECT LIFE.” Boom.
  5. Finally, if you geek out over nutrition, you’re going to want to check out this post from Live Science on the science of hunger + how to fight cravings. Actually super informative and cool.



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