Tart Cherry + Melatonin = the perfect weapon for sleep-craving babes!

Lately, my sleep schedule has been kind of whack. I’m suddenly wayyy more sensitive to caffeine than I used to be, and a lovely new PMS symptom of random insomnia has popped up seemingly out of nowhere. Seriously guys–the other night, according to my Fitbit, I finally fell asleep at 3:27am only to wake up at 8:33. Good times! (Only, you know, not. At all.)

In an attempt to get back into a more consistent/healthy sleep pattern, I made a few changes. I’ve gotten into a really nice wind-down routine, have virtually stopped munching after ~8pm, and have been heavily utilizing iOS’ new ‘Night Shift’ feature. While these things definitely helped, I was open to some outside support, too. Enter: tart cherry + melatonin! 

Tart Cherry with Melatonin for ZZZs!

I came across these chewable sleep-enhancing supplements on a trip to Meijer. I’d had a rough night the night before thanks to an afternoon encounter with highly-caffeinated mango iced tea, and I was basically running on fumes by 8pm. I had no intention of buying a sleep aid, but I’d tried melatonin sleep gummies in the past, and between feeling slightly delirious, being desperate for a better night’s sleep, and these sounding REALLY good, I was sold. An impulse buy for sure, but one of the best unplanned purchases I’ve made in awhile!

Tart cherries are naturally high in melatonin–AKA the ‘sleep hormone’. Melatonin, which is already present in our bodies, helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycles, but the amount of melatonin our bodies naturally produce is negatively impacted by light, and it decreases with age. Since tart cherries also contain melatonin, studies have suggested that ingesting them can improve sleep duration and quality. Unfortunately, fresh tart cherries aren’t always the easiest to find, and bottles of tart cherry juice can be on the pricy side. While opting to ingest things as close to their natural form as possible is ideal, it isn’t always actually plausible…that’s where supplements come in handy.

Here's my new go-to for getting ZZZs ASAP.

The tablets I purchased are actually tart cherry WITH melatonin, so they’re pretty much a 1-2 punch. You’re meant to chew one tab 20 minutes before bed and basically prepare to doze off. (Oh, and if you were wondering, they taste GOOD. Nothing fake or artificial about the flavor–these taste like real, actual sour cherries.) They’re supposed to help with “occasional sleeplessness“, establishing a normal sleep schedule, and reducing anxiety, and in my experience, they did just that. Because you chew the tablets (and also because they’re made with special fast absorption technology,) I felt almost instantly relaxed and at ease mere minutes after popping one in my mouth, and they helped me to fall asleep pretty effortlessly an hour or so later. I also felt like they made the sleep I DID get more satisfying and restful than usual, and I’ve been waking up feeling clear-headed and refreshed. This is a major advantage over other OTC sleep aids I’ve dabbled in, like Benadryl and Advil PM, which knock me out cold, but tend to leave me a little groggy or sleep-hungover the next morning.

Chewable tart cherry + melatonin supplements!

I’m not even halfway through my first bottle, but I’ve noticed that my sleep schedule has seriously adjusted and re-regulated. With results like these, the Tart Cherry with Melatonin supplements officially earned a spot on my list of favorite things, and I knew I had to share with my fellow sleep-seeking girls. You can grab a bottle of your own HERE. Want-to-be-sleepy ladies, this one’s for you. ♡



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