Getting back on track with healthy living AFTER a period of over-indulgence!

I fully believe that the quest for achieving #bodygoals shouldn’t ever outweigh your ability to enjoy life. I’m not going to think twice about a giant thanksgiving dinner, and extravagant Easter brunch, or a slice or two of pizza and birthday cake. Food is often a major part of celebrations, and I’m not willing to miss out. But…what happens when you have a streak of atypical eating? We’re talking a vacation, a slew of holiday parties, a long weekend away–things that tend to override our typical patterns of eating and exercise. I figured that after Easter and spring break season, you miiiight be in need of some quick bounce-back tips and tricks(I mean, I know that I am!) None of this is about dropping weight ASAP (though with these actions, that does tend to happen!) but rather, getting back on track with your typical, more health-conscious lifestyle ASAP.  This is my exact strategy for bouncing back after a period of overindulgence.

1. Get your mind right.

Mindset is key, so take a minute or two to center yourself, recommit, and truly DECIDE to do the following things. Everything is a choice, and it’s important to live and act with intention. That means refusing to feel overwhelmed, and saying no to getting discouraged. You’ve got this, babe! Use this time to reflect on what you want, what makes you feel good, and your personal strategies for bouncing back. Maybe even commit to some new goals for extra inspiration/motivation?! Totally up to you. Whatever you decide, though, make sure that you’re ALL IN and ready to kill it. Personally, I like to journal, pick an affirmation or two, pin motivational quotes that speak to me, and get deep into a #transformationtuesday + #progresspic IG clickhole when I’m trying to get my mind right. Positive reinforcement works wonders!

2. Start with one meal.

Fresh off of a period of indulgence, diving into stricter, more regimented eating can be really difficult, and messing up is a blow to your motivation. To thwart this, I focus on changing ONE meal. Whether this means eating at home instead of ordering out, opting for a salad instead of a burger, or simply making a healthier, whole-foods snack choice like an apple and almond butter, starting small not only makes the process seem doable, but it also spurs the more major changes. Start with one meal and go from there!

3. Get in a great workout.

When it comes to working out after a break, I take the opposite approach: full badass mode. HIIT circuits, long steady runs or elliptical sessions, trampoline time, or boxing, please. The harder the work the better. I find that this tactic helps me to not only remind myself that I’m capable and strong, but also that it feels really good to move my body. Burn some calories, release some water weight, reduce inflammation, and top-up on endorphins. Another thing I’ll try to do is to increase my activity level in general by walking more and getting in some extra steps. Bonus: all that extra food you ate is fuel. You’ll likely be able to go longer and harder in the gym because of it. Doesn’t suck!

4. Drink up.

I know that when I’m already feeling bloated, adding more water to the mix is basically the last thing I want to do, but I do it anyway because it’s totally critical for banishing bloat and flushing out my system. I like water with lemon, but there are a ton of “detox water” recipes–like this one for “Cranberry Drano” by Top Chef star Padma Lakshmi or this one from Jillian Michaels–designed to help you drop that water weight ASAP. If you’re a La Croix girl, you’ll love this: a little sparkling water can also work to blunt your hunger, which has likely already gone into overdrive after a few days of overeating. Super helpful.

5. Top up on supplements.

If there were ever a time to use supplements, it’s when you’re trying to bounce back from a period of overindulgence. You can find all of my posts on supplements HERE, but to summarize, there are a few key ‘potions’ that you might want to experiment with when you’re trying to hit it hard and bounce back strong. Probiotics and digestive enzymes offer digestive support. A pre-workout can enhance your exercise regimen. Protein powder can help with recovery. Maybe you want to try a detox tea, supplement-supported elimination cleanse, or a whole-foods detox blend! Totally up to you. All of these things are TOOLS that can help you get back on track ASAP, so don’t be afraid to utilize them.



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