Protein powder totally got a makeover. Obsessed with these Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Smoothie powders!

If you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you may remember my fondness for hemp hearts that developed sometime last year…Hemp hearts on everything, and hemp hearts totally plain. I’m obsessed. So when my partnership with Sweat Pink offered me a chance to check out another hemp-based product, I was totally game and pretty much leapt at the opportunity. Manitoba Harvest, the awesome company behind those aforementioned hemp hearts, has branched out with a line of new products guaranteed to up your smoothie game big time: Hemp Protein Smoothies. As you could probably guess by the name, these mixes are hemp-powered, powdered protein supplements (with added greens!) designed to be consumed in smoothie form.  They come in three flavors–Mixed Berry, Chocolate, and a so-good-it-almost-doesn’t-make-sense Vanilla Chai blend.

Manitoba Harvest totally took out all of the guess work when it comes to creating a killer beverage with these, too, since all you have to do is mix a serving of the powder into any beverage and GO. If you thought your standard fruit + yogurt + a handful of greens + ice smoothies were already a low-effort option for sustenance, this takes things to the next level. It’s a low-maintenance foodie’s dream. You can add a casual scoop of Hemp Protein Smoothie to your existing blends too, of course, but it isn’t mandatory like it is with other less delicious protein powders. Speaking of which, if a blend of organic greens, plant-based Hemp Pro 70 that offers 15g of protein per serving weren’t enough, Hemp Protein Smoothies also contain 3g of Omega 3 & 6. They’ve basically taken protein powders and smoothies to a new level.

Energize your day with Hemp Protein Smoothie!
Energize your day with Hemp Protein Smoothie!

Oh, and here’s a weird little detail I’m super into: The PACKAGING. Manitoba Harvest’s Smoothie packs come in generously-sized re-sealable satchets that provide 10 servings each. This means that the product is totally transportable and can fit anywhere…much better than a giant tub of traditional protein powder sitting out on a counter or taking up too much space in a cabinet somewhere. The whole 10-servings-per-bag thing also means that you’ll get to cycle through each of the three flavors pretty quickly if you’re someone who’s into trying new tastes or recipes. Win-win-win. Oh OH! If you were wondering whether or not you could use these special hemp blends in place of protein powder in your favorite “bro”-style meals, mug cakes, or baked goods, you totally can. Manitoba Harvest featured a recipe for sinless, flourless, six-ingredient chocolate muffins using the chocolate variety of their Smoothie powder that is a total must.

Smoothie game STRONG.
Smoothie game STRONG.

Mouth watering yet? Go pick up a pack of Hemp Protein Smoothie and blend up something delish. I’ll get ya started with a few of my favorite Internet-sourced recipes, + a discount code–use “hempsmoothielaunch16” for 15% off your order at Manitoba Harvest.

  1. It’s always pumpkin spice season with this authentic pumpkin pie smoothie from The Kind Life!

  2. Coffee-loving babes will flip over this little mocha frappuccino protein shake from The Live Fit Girls.

  3. Sub the Hemp Protein Smoothie Vanilla Chai for the protein powder in this POPSUGAR recipe for an insane banana bread smoothie for an extra decadent, perfectly-spiced treat.

Happy blending!



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