1. Go ahead and bookmark this list of 21 sweet things you can do for your significant other FOR FREE from The Financial Diet, and thank me later.
  2. StyleCaster has an interview with jeweler-to-the-(reality)-stars Neil Lane that provides an interesting look behind the scenes at the business side of designing all of those ‘Bachelor’ engagement rings.
  3. My girl Nicole from Inner Glow Flow shared a really vulnerable essay titled “On Saying Goodbye to Last Year’s Body” that gets into a subject that most of us can relate to, but don’t tend to talk about: the compassion trap of us vs ourselves.
  4. What would REALLY happen if you ‘poured coconut oil over your entire life‘? Galore found out, and it’s awesome.
  5. Finally, Suz from Suz Lyfe wrote a fantastic post about surviving unemployment that’s full of motivational tips and tricks for filling your day while looking for your next gig, but that could also be totally applicable and useful for those of us who work-from-home, too



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