Live With Abundance: Tips and Tricks for Ditching Deprivation + Loving Your Life

…Let’s talk structure. Structure is good, but it can also be limiting. Here at Vitality Child, we’re not so into limits. What are we into? Time. Experiences. FREEDOM. And mental freedom has everything to do with abundance. Today, we’re getting into the importance of living with abundance and ditching deprivation.

Don’t know what I’m blathering about? No worries–here’s a (real life) example: weight loss. This is why  traditional “diets” never work in the long-term: they’re all based in deprivation. Think about it: when it comes to losing weight, the second you start restricting and telling yourself that you can’t have bread/cake/pasta/pizza–whatever–you begin to fixate on it. You’ve just made those items 10x more tempting! And if you’re “waiting until Monday” to start your diet, you probably spend the weekend filling up on your not-allowed faves because you know you won’t get to have them again anytime soon. Right?! Guys, my DOGS do this with food–one will eat a treat he doesn’t even LIKE just because it’s a treat and treats are rare(…and also so his brother doesn’t get to have it.) But it’s just food. In actuality, you can have anything at any time. Make something rare or scarce and you’ll suddenly start to need it, even if you don’t actually want it.

This is a concept that applies in a myriad of areas…from intuitive eating, to making money, to dating, to growing your social media following. It’s a principle that is useful in virtually any facet of life. When it comes to L I V I N G, we should all strive to create a mindset of abundance, not of deprivation. Another example? Taking time off. Unlimited vacation is becoming a reality for some lucky workers, and yet these companies are actually needing to FORCE their employees to take time off. This is a perfect example of a mindset of abundance. When you know that your fun, relaxing, travel time isn’t limited to 14 days in the entire year, you feel free. Vacation days are no longer hard to come by. You could take a trip whenever, so you don’t fixate on counting down the days until PTO, or stockpiling vacation days like a lunatic. You feel taken care of. Instead, you work. And you feel so good about the whole arrangement, that you get more done and probably end up working MORE. It’s a mindset shift. Make something scarce and you’ll obsess about it. Make it accessible, and it ceases to have power over you. Use this to your advantage! Here’s how.

Three Key Rules for Embracing Abundance

+Focus on adding instead of subtracting. Don’t think about the things you “can’t” have–think about the things you CAN. It’s probably more than you think!

+Cultivate gratitude. Again, instead of fixating on what you want or feel like you “should” have, step back and recognize the things you already have, the goals you’ve already met, and the opportunities you’ve been afforded. There’s a ton to be grateful for, and focusing on the positive will help you to live a better, happier life.

+Remember that very few things are truly scarce. In modern times, WE are usually the ones who are creating scarcity. Seriously–it’s self-imposed. Know what IS scarce, or at least limited, though? Your TIME. Take that seriously and use it wisely.



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