1. Lunar Nourishment has easy nutrition tips that simplify your life + improve your health and wellbeing. Yes, please!
  2. Speaking of self-improvement, Early to Rise has the formula” for getting stuff done: 10-3-2-1-0.
  3. I’ve been obsessed with Chrissy Teigen since early 2012 {no joke, #superfan} so I’m very much into this culture piece from ELLE where one of their writers cooked recipes from her book Cravings for an entire week.
  4. Totally never knew we needed “locker room life hacks“, but this post from Cosmopolitan has 13 of them that are guaranteed to make going to the gym easier, and that’s pretty genius.
  5. Finally, former model and current writer Abie Shippee wrote a thought-provoking piece for her site Last Year’s Models entitled “Why You Hate Yourself” that every millennial woman should read.



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