Vitality Child Spring 2016 Wish List

It’s MARCH already. Mid-March. Am I the only person who finds this somewhat insane? Yes, time goes on and seasons change, but this feels like it happened really quickly. February wasn’t even that bad! Not mad about it. Anyway…Sunday marks the official start of the new season, so naturally there are a few new goodies I’ve been eying. Clothes, decor, gems, beauty…I want it all. Whether you’re making a spring wish list of your own–which is something that I totally recommend doing–or just enjoy sneaking peeks into other people’s shopping carts, this is for you. Here are five things I’m loving (and wanting!) for spring 2016.

1. Off-the-shoulder tops + dresses.

Susana Monaco Fifi Dress
Susana Monaco Fifi Dress.

I love the look of off-the-shoulder tops and dresses…how cute is the Susana Monaco dress above?! The style embodies this feminine, effortlessly sexy vibe that’s super alluring. They’re so unexpectedly sultry, and make for a creative way to show a little skin. Isn’t that what spring is all about?! Like any good trend, there are a few different iterations of this look, but my favorites are the flowy, 70s-inspired silhouettes like most of those pictured below, and tight-fitting tops with built-in chokers–basically polar opposites. But hey, a girl’s gotta have options.

2. Natural beauty products.

Crystal-infused organic rose flower water for face + hair, via ETSY.
Crystal-infused organic rose flower water for face + hair, via Etsy.

I’m all about natural, chemical-free beauty products these days, especially skincare items. I mean, when you think about it, isn’t it kind creepy knowing that everything you apply to your face seeps into your skin? Yeah. So, right now my focus is on indie beauty buys designed to nourish, protect, and enhance my skin…mostly because if you take great care of your skin, you can get away with wearing less makeup. Currently coveting facial oils, masques, scrubs, and hair treatments. Bonus points if they’re cruelty-free and use organic ingredients.

3. Crystals.

Raw rock collection from Catching Wildflowers.
Raw rock collection from Catching Wildflowers.

I’ve been into the sheer beauty of crystals for as long as I can remember, but recently I’ve been delving into the benefits and properties of stones beyond their aesthetic value, and it’s something that I find incredibly interesting. New-age thinking for the millennial babe is something that definitely speaks to me. Whether or not you believe in the healing and grounding properties of crystals though, you’ve gotta admit that they are pretty little things. Spring is the perfect time to scoop some up! They’re getting really “mainstream” now (like, Target and Urban Outfitters both sell decorative geode selections as decor) which is exciting for any gem-loving babe. You can also wear them in jewelry, as seen below!

4. Ear cuffs.

Forever 21 Crystal Ear Cuff.
Forever 21 Crystal Ear Cuff.

I’ve pierced my ears two times, which also happens to be the number of times I’ve let my piercings close. I’m super sensitive to metals and wearing earrings is generally a painful, itchy experience for me, so I just…don’t? I still love the look of a pierced ear (specifically a creatively pierced one–cartilage, tragus, + lobes? Yes, please) so I’m beyond excited that faux piercings are a thing. This new jewelry isn’t the magnetic or clip-on earrings of yesteryear, either. It’s ultra-feminine, dainty, and rather ethereal. I’m especially drawn to bold, sparkly ear cuffs…They’re the ultimate statement piece. Pop one on, give yourself a deep side part, and sweep your hair away from your adorned ear to give your new bling the spotlight. Love.

5. Personalized sun hats.

Hats by Olivia Custom Floppy Sun Hat
Hats by Olivia Custom Floppy Sun Hat

Dad hats may be trending, but giant floppy sun hats will always be my warm-weather BFFs. There’s just something mysterious and sexy about a woman in a straw hat and giant sunnies, no? I first came across personalized sun hats via a magazine spread that featured a Eugenia Kim beauty…with a $400 price tag like the ones shown below. Obsessed with the look but convinced that I could find something cheaper, I immediately consulted Google, Pinterest, and Etsy for similar floppy-hat-with-words options and fell in love with the custom sun hats by Hats by Olivia. She recently raised her prices by $10, but at $55 per hat, Olivia’s creations still come in at HUNDREDS of dollars less than the designer alternatives, and she sells truly custom, bespoke hats along with a collection that features cute pre-made phrases. I’m totally going the personalized route and am currently debating between getting a hat with my first + middle name on it, orrrr the name of this blog. Cute, right? Of course, if you’re crafty you can save even more by following the instructions in this helpful lil DIY. Love the idea of rocking one of these on a beach somewhere tropical. Spring break, anyone?! Total must.



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