All About One Perfect Week

This is it, guys! Today marks the final day of my #oneperfectweek journey. Did I make it?! YEP. And…

I felt more balanced.

I got more done.

I (somehow?!) lost two pounds. 

10/10 would recommend.

One Perfect Week, though challenging at times, was a really empowering experience for me over all. It forced me to plan, to pay attention, and to commit.

Scenes from my perfect week...sums things up pretty well.
Scenes from my perfect week…sums things up pretty well.

In return, I have a blog and an Instagram filled up with fresh new content, I’ve soaked up a ton of business/entrepreneurship/self-care information from podcasts and webinars, I feel more relaxed and at ease ending my nights with a book rather than with an iPhone, and I’m kind of astonished to see how much my body has tightened up in just a week of targeted cardio. Everything feels GOOD…I just had to make the leap.

That’s the thing about challenges, and really just routines in general, though–once you get started and you build up a little momentum, you don’t actually WANT to stop. Getting started is the hardest part. While it isn’t realistic for me (or anyone else) to live “perfectly” for weeks on end, I will be adopting some of the habits I’ve been working the last seven days and making them into an actual part of my daily lifestyle.


I want to run a mile every day, for example. It’s pretty doable, and I love the morning hit of endorphins and sense of accomplishment that comes with getting a little cardio in each morning before I’ve done anything else. I’m also going to be continuing to listen to my personal development podcasts each and every day, because I truly ENJOY doing it, and I realize that I fully have the time for it in my schedule, especially because I can do it while I run/work/clean/bathe/whatever. This being said, I’m not changing everything because of the challenge–I’m going to be going back to my regular schedule of blogging roughly four times a week instead of seven–because I have a life and other responsibilities, and otherwise may very well lose my mind.

One Perfect Week, though, is an experience that I consider a total win. If you’re looking for a challenge that is low-key and doesn’t require a huge commitment but still packs a major punch, this might be just the thing for you. Make it about your business. Your body. Your relationships. Your goals. Just go for it. After all, it’s only a week. One PERFECT week.



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