Spring Awakening Year of You Life Hacks

There’s typically a massive influx of self-improvement content publisher around the new year. Totally makes sense, too, since we all tend to get a little “new year, new me” once resolution season rolls around. I’ve always thought that SPRING was the ideal time for enacting positive life changes, though. Things have calmed down, you’ve had time to sit with your goals, and you’ve gotten a feel for what the year is going to be like and what you want to get out of it. Plus, everything in nature is waking up. It only feels right that I should, too. Look, we’re three months into 2016. It was a new moon on Tuesday. Spring officially starts on the 19th. It’s a time of newness, opportunity, and transition. Use this to your advantage! Want to embrace the season and make some changes? Here are three ways to make this year your best year yet, right now.

1. Do a virtual and physical cleanse.

Physical cleansing focuses not on a dietary shift (but you can do that too if you want!) but rather clearing through the physical items that no longer serve you. What can you release? Ditch clothes that don’t fit, appliances you don’t use, and old, expired bath and beauty products. If you can’t part with your stuff, at least tuck it away and clear your space. The same goes for your online life! We are who we’re around. Might it be time to delete your Facebook, or at least utilize that handy unfollow option to mute those random/unhelpful/irritating digital acquaintances? More help on this HERE and HERE.  March is the perfect time for some spring cleaning!

2. Make space for personal development.

Self-improvement is a critical part of my personal self-care routine. This week, I’ve been soaking up as much of this content as I possibly can by listening to podcasts, reading books, participating in webinars, and getting knee-deep in Pinterest, and let me tell you: it feels great. Immerse yourself in material that’s designed to make you better.  Take classes. Connect with a coach. Watch YouTube videos. It works–I promise–and you’ll probably be surprised by how indulgent and awesome it feels. Simply being exposed to this kind of positive, uplifting content can really shift your thinking and improve your life, and you can do it for FREE.

3. Live intentionally.

If you aren’t an intuitive babe by nature, setting intentions can seem a little out there. Push your logical/rational thoughts aside for just a moment, though, and attempt to embrace the idea of intention, because it’s incredibly empowering and crazy important. Living and “doing” intentionally has much to do with mindset and mindfulness. When you’re making intentional choices, you’ve put thought and emotion into your decisions and actions. Things aren’t happening TO you, you’re making them happen. You’re actively choosing your own adventure. I’ll get into this on a larger scale in a future post, but right now, we’ll hone in on setting your intention for the day, week, month, or year. How do you want things to unfold? What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? Identify it, put it out there {don’t ask, don’t get!}, and act accordingly. Boom, intention set.

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