25 Simple and Inexpensive Self Care Solutions VITALITY CHILD

1. Change your scenery.

Change rooms. Go to a coffee shop. Sit outside. Changing your environment can change your perspective.

2. Take a bath.

…said every self-care list ever. Add a bath bomb or some Epsom salt and get crazy with it.

3. Go for a walk.

Fresh air + flowing blood = clear head.

4. Buy a book on Amazon.

An inexpensive treat, ($.50 books, anyone?!) but a total treat nonetheless.

5. Get or make your favorite treat.

Like cooking? Put your energy into whipping up your favorite treat. Orrr go buy it if you’re not quite a kitchen goddess. Either way works.

6. Make a trip to Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is the best store for wandering. Where else can you find fresh fruit, natural bath and beauty products, supplements, AND a juice bar/bakery/sushi spot under one roof? Nowhere. And they have samples!

7. Try DIY aroma therapy. 

Play with your senses and try new scents. You can do this cheap-and-easy with essential oils, incense, or scented candles.

8. Journal.

Even if you wouldn’t classify yourself as a writer, there’s something innately cathartic about letting your feelings out on paper.

9. Make a vision board.

Not only is the process of crafting a vision board super soothing, but you’ll be creating a personal piece of media that will set your intentions and provide you with daily inspiration.

10. Pamper yourself. 

REALLY pamper yourself. Go deep with a face mask, deep conditioning treatment, and mani-pedi.

11. Make lists.

Making lists is my go-to for handling stressful moments. Feel free to add items that you’ve already done just so you can get the satisfaction of crossing them off. No judgement.

12. Try guided meditation.

Start with this post on mindfulness for real girls, then download the Headspace app and zen out.

13. De-clutter your space.

It’s kind of insane how much more productive you’ll be when your environment is neat and tidy. Take a few minutes to do a quick sweep and put things away.

14. Read magazines.

Between our scrolling on our laptops and swiping on our tablets and iPhones, turning real, actual pages to read feels like a luxury…especially when they’re glossy.

15. Nap.

If you can swing a snooze (and your body physically allows a mid-day sleep,) get some extra ZZZs. If you’re like me and can only nap if you’re sick, go to bed a little earlier than you usually would.

16. Play a game on your phone.

I recommend Pancake or Google Feud. A little mindless distraction never hurts.

17. Stretch.

Bend and move your body. Try to get out any kinks. Do a 10-minute yoga flow from YouTube.

18. Make a dent in your Netflix queue. 

It can feel SO indulgent to watch a movie or a show you’ve been saving. Really make a ritual out of the process by creating a comfortable space, grabbing a yummy drink, and ditching your phone.

19. Do something creative. 

Write. Dance. Draw. Paint. Cook. Craft. Sing. Play. Perform. Scrapbook. We all have our thing.

20. Organize something. 

Your kitchen? Your closet? Your bathroom drawers? Organize your space, organize your life.

21. Write someone a real, actual letter.

Whether it’s a little card or a juicy letter, grab some cute stationary and make it happen. Bonus: you’ll improve someone else’s day by sending out some snail mail, too.

22. Research a topic you’re interested in.

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is to dig into random topics I’m into. I pour through product reviews, sort through Google results, and scroll through Pinterest like nobody’s business. Get lost in it!

23. Listen to a podcast.

Search for a topic or personality you like +”podcast” and BOOM, you’ve got yourself instant audio entertainment. Check out some of my favorite content HERE and HERE.

24. Try a mental health app. 

The ACT Coach app, for example, uses mindfulness techniques to guide users away from negative thought patterns and allows you to chart and monitor your feelings. Full resource guide here.

25. Buy yourself flowers from a grocery store.

Brighten up your space and add some pretty on the cheap! Trader Joe’s has the best bouquets.



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