5 Personal Development Podcasts You Should DEFINITELY Be Listening To

Are you down with personal development? You totally should be. 

Personal development–that is, content that is specifically created to inform, inspire, and help you enhance your life–is pretty awesome. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a better human?! One of my favorite ways to get a little personal development action in my day is to listen to podcasts. Whether it’s info on how to grow your business or run your day, this genre of content is guaranteed to be useful, because you are in charge of what you consume. You download and choose exactly what episodes to listen to based on your personal interests, priorities, and goals. No one forces you to pay attention to content that isn’t important to you. Look, I like funny, interesting, irreverent content as much as anyone else, but I love that I can make podcast time entertaining and useful by listening to empowering content. Level up my life? Yes, please. Here are five personal development podcasts that you should definitely be listening to.

1. Build Your Tribe


There’s a reason Chalene Johnson’s shows make the cut each and every time I write a podcast-focused piece: she’s incredible. If you aren’t already familiar, Chalene is a fitness guru, businesswoman, wife, and mother. She created Beachbody’s TurboFire, ChaLean Extreme, and PiYo programs. She also happens to be one of the best podcasters of all time. On “Build Your Tribe”, Chalene speaks to her gang of “lifers” and provides practical advice for aspiring online entrepreneurs and small-business owners. There are quick episodes answering listener questions, hour-long interviews with experts, discussions on social media strategy, and actionable tips and tricks for improving your day-to-day life. The one thing the episodes all have in common? They’re always juicy. Chalene is adorable and entertaining…her shows are never dull and are always fun to listen to, which is a feat when not all of the topics she covers are personally relevant to me. Find it HERE. Must Listen Episode: How to Work Your Daily Plan.

2. Untame The Wild Soul Woman

Untame the Wild Soul Woman

Available in both audio-only and video formats, Elizabeth DiAlto’s “Untame The Wild Soul Woman” podcast is a show for modern women looking to get wild, love their lives, and live intentionally. Episodes focus on holistic life-improvement topics, from listening to your body to tackling difficult conversations with courage and love.  I love that this podcast has a whole-life focus–there are episodes aimed toward every facet of development: physical, spiritual, emotional, mindful, soulful. Elizabeth turns the focus inward and encourages her listeners to stop searching outside themselves for answers and fulfillment…Desire, fulfillment, joy, and embracing the power of femininity rule her podcast. This isn’t just personal development, it’s empowerment. Find it HERE. Must Listen Episode: EP 63: Fitness, the Media, and Your Precious Body with Jessi Kneeland.

3. Hungry for More Podcast

Hungry for More Podcast

This suggestion is admittedly a bit biased because I know and adore the babe behind the podcast, Angie Lee, but Hungry for More is a total gem. The show just launched, so there are currently only two episodes available, but content is geared towards confidence, health, entrepreneurship, and motivation. Angie is the millennial girlboss we all want to be like. She’s a nutritionist, former fitness competitor, and model who recently broke up with the fitness industry in favor of her true passion: coaching. Life and success coaching, specifically. Her energy is contagious and her passion is palpable. Super high hopes + expectations for her podcast! Find it HERE. Must Listen Episode: 001: Creating Massive ENERGY!

4. The Simple Sophisticate Podcast

The Simple Sophisticate Podcast

Billed as “intelligent living paired with signature style,” Shannon Ables is the creator of “The Simple Sophisticate” podcast and founder and editor of The Simply Luxurious Life. Her podcasts are informative and inspiring, pushing listeners towards living truly charmed lives. Episodes feel like blog-casts, as subject matter is engaging and tips are practical and immediately actionable. I especially appreciate the light-heartedness of The Simple Sophisticate, and that Shannon covers topics like confidence and authenticity with the same commitment and excellence as she does with tips on getting glowing skin and advice for styling a blazer. It’s this mish-mash of content that makes her podcast so enjoyable. Need further proof that the show is legit? It’s been recognized in iTunes ‘New & Noteworthy’ selections and has ranked #6 in the self-help category. Find it HERE. Must Listen Episode: 15 Everyday Habits to Live a Life of Contentment.

5. The Lively Show


Designed to “uplift, inspire, and add a little extra intention to your day”, Jess Lively’s “The Lively Show” is the perfect mid-day listen. I like The Lively Show because Jess covers a wide range of topics, the production value is excellent, and I feel like I learn something valuable from every episode. Sweet, smart, and authentic, Jess has produced a virtual library of powerful, useful content that’s lovely to tune into. From crave-worthy monthly favorites, to interviews with experts in fields like business, relationships, health, and coaching, to personal anecdotes, The Lively Show is a must-listen for anyone who wants to add sparkle and passion to their life. Find it HERE. Must Listen Episode: #44: The Art of Relaxation & Creativity with Jen Gotch.



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