How to Make Moderation Work For You

We all know that moderation is good for us, but moderation gets kind of a bad rap. The  buzzword du jour is balance. Moderation = not being able to eat what you want, depravation, and boringness…but does it really? Does it have to?


Moderation and balance are actually the same thing, and moderation is badass. Too much? Then consider this instead: at the very least, moderation is powerful. Here are some truths about moderation. Moderation actually ALLOWS you to eat whatever you want. It’s inherently unrestrictive! It also keeps you sane, because moderation guarantees variety. It’s a practice or a skill, so it takes time to develop, but once you achieve it, you’ve unlocked one of the most powerful “dieting” {and really just EATING} secrets there is. There’s no black-and-white, no good or bad. Nothing is off limits.  You aren’t constantly counting down the minutes until your next treat meal or cheat day. You’re just, well, LIVING. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. So, how do you get started? Like this.

  1. The next time you see something that looks absolutely delicious, but that you would typically classify as “off limits”, get it.

  2. Now, eat a few bites. Have a couple of chips, a Cinnamon Roll Oreo, or a few fries. Then STOP. Put the rest away.

Try it, trust me.

Why this worksThe first three to six bites of any meal have been scientifically shown to be the most satisfying and enjoyable, so you’ve got pleasure covered. And even though you’ve only had a sample of the food you wanted, you’ve likely already thwarted your craving by allowing yourself to indulge. Even better? Since you didn’t eat everything in front of you, you have food left over for later. That normalizes it. You can have your “treat” any time you want–it isn’t scarce or special, and since you know you won’t binge, it also isn’t scary. See ya never, diet mentality.

It's also called moderation, and it works. {Source.}
It’s also called moderation, and it works. {Source.}

If you continue to practice this tactic and give yourself a little taste of whatever you want whenever you want it, you’ll develop a super healthy relationship with food and forge an easier path to fat loss. Totally the goal, right? Harness that power. Make moderation work for you.



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