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There are currently over 20,000 photos tagged #oneperfectweek on Instagram.


That’s incredible.

Launched by Chinae of @getfitbrooklyn, One Perfect Week is a whole life, health-focused challenge. Participants commit to living “perfectly” for seven straight days, typically pledging 8 hours of sleep each night, 80+ oz of water each day, no missed workouts (six scheduled workouts and one rest day), no alcohol, and no “cheats” or meals that are off-plan. They use Instagram to check in, support each other, and track progress. It’s become a movement, and a tribe of fit-minded women are gearing up to start their One Perfect Week journeys today.

One Perfect Week on InstagramI really love the concept of OPW. It isn’t selling or promoting anything, isn’t crazy restrictive, the goals are nowhere near impossible, and the crowd-sourced motivation is genius. The timeframe is perfect too, since a week is long enough to make a habit stick, but short enough that it isn’t daunting. Really, it’s about making an effort. Committing to something–just for a week!–that requires you to put in work to live in a way that makes you feel good: strong, accomplished, productive, proud, and healthy.

Vitality Child One Perfect Week

While having the built-in support of a digital challenge group is awesome, you can use the framework of the challenge any time, for just about any goal, pursuit, or ambition. {Think: one perfect week of gratitude journaling, one perfect week of studying, one perfect week of meal prep and at-home eating, one perfect week of positive thinking, whatever.} In that spirit, I’ve decided to participate in this round of One Perfect Week, but not in the traditional/health-and-fitness minded sense. Instead, I’ve decided on some personal development targets that I want to hit for the next seven days that feel like ideal pursuits for me. These are a few things that I’d be doing as my best, most balanced, most successful self, each and every day.

  • Running a minimum of one mile.
  • Listening to personal development and business podcasts.
  • Posting a photo to Instagram.
  • Spending a minimum of one hour reading an actual book.
  • Posting new content on the blog.

Are there other things that I’d be doing daily in a truly perfect world? Of course! But these are the benchmarks that I’m committing to hit from now until next Sunday. I did three of these before 10am. Just like with the original #oneperfectweek crew, hitting my daily goals is really not that difficult…it just takes effort. Effort and intention. That’s what this week is about. Feel free to join.



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