1. You know that constantly-increasing statistic that says a huge percentage of women are wearing the wrong sized bra? This could be why. Cosmo recently had 9 women try on different 34B bras, and the difference between fits IN THE SAME SIZE is ridiculous/hilarious/annoying.
  2. BRB, totally drooling over this {sugar-free!} chocolate cake oatmeal from The Big Man’s World…Apparently it can be enjoyed  hot or cold. Craziness!
  3. Birthday cake more your thing? Then you’ll be obsessed with this super-simple recipe for cake batter fudge via Delish. Making this ASAP.
  4. SELF has 7 Netflix hacks for all of you binge-watching babes…#5 is genius. Total gem.
  5. Finally, as a person who is oddly interested in and enamored with the daily rituals of others, I find this piece from Sarah Wilson so immensely satisfying!



2 comments on “5 Things to Read This Wednesday”

  1. I saw that birthday cake fudge this afternoon on FB… My jaw pretty much dropped to the floor ? My BFF’s birthday is next week, guess what I’m making ?! THAT!!! ❤️

    • I saw it there too!! I watched the video and salivated…def considering making it this week JUST BECAUSE! 😉

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