1. Why read when you can watch?! I tweeted about falling down a TED Talk click hole a few weeks ago, and this video about maintaining emotional health and hygiene is what kicked it all off. Shout out to my girl Nicole for sharing it with me!
  2. If you struggle with imposter syndrome like so many 20-somethings do, this must-read list from Buzzfeed is full of coping strategies and practical advice to help you deal.
  3. Smart SHOES are about to be a thing, and if this piece from HPE Matter is just a small indication of their awesomeness, you’re probably going to want some.
  4. Super into these satisfying alternatives to spending money from The Financial Diet.
  5. Finally, there literally aren’t words to describe how much I love this piece about embracing the ‘so what’ state of mind from JillFit, so just go read it. SO. POWERFUL.



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