The Skinny Breezy Hunger Scale
Get to know these zones.

First things first: I am NOT in any way advocating starvation or deprivation with this tip. We’re simply hitting a biological reset button. One that will help us to properly identify our hunger cues. Ooh, controversial 😉 So, here it is–allow yourself to feel some hunger.

Think about it…When was the last time you were REALLY hungry? Do you remember what that felt like? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t. We eat on schedules. We eat when the people around us are eating. We eat when we’re bored, distracted, happy, or sad. We’re basically ALWAYS eating. On top of that, we attempt to avoid hunger all together, because it can be a bit uncomfortable, and if we let ourselves get TOO hungry, it could lead to unsatisfactory food choices at best, and a major binge at worst…right? Wrong!

Here’s the thing: hunger isn’t something to fear. Eating when you’re truly hungry is kind of an amazing experience. Food tastes better, you’re more appreciative of what’s in front of you, and you know that you’re feeding yourself because it’s what your body needs instead of what it wants. You’re also more satisfied! Food isn’t scarce, so don’t buy into dietary FOMO. It will all still be there in an hour/tomorrow/next week. Once you’ve identified your personal hunger cues a few times, you’ll be able to eat in accordance with them. This is the beginning of learning to eat intuitively.

Put this practice into motion by being extra mindful of your body and your typical eating cues or triggers. Forget about typical mealtimes and habitual snacks and pay attention to how you’re feeling throughout the day. Consider your energy levels, mental clarity, mood, and physical cues like tummy rumbling. Another way to confirm do if you’re actually hungry? The apple test. If you  want to eat and would gladly eat a plain apple, your hunger is real. Go eat. If you’re like nah, but a donut sounds pretty good, then you probably aren’t so hungry after all. Wait for it. Use your newfound knowledge to eat when you’re truly hungry {instead of when you “should” or “have to”} and stop eating when you’re satisfied/not hungry anymore. It’s that simple. Learn from your hunger–don’t fear it!

Do you eat when you’re hungry, or do you eat preemptively to avoid hunger?



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