Simply gorgeous. {Via Fitbit}
Simply gorgeous. {Via Fitbit}

When I was a freshman in college, I wrote a column for called “Weekly Wardrobe Wishlist”. {It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like–a feature that focused on one particular piece of clothing, pair of shoes, or special accessory that I deemed worthy of 200 – 400 words.} Today, I’m kinda-sorta bringing it back with The Lust List. It just felt right, you know? Believe me, babes, if there were ever an item to crave, it’s this one. This week, I’m really really really wanting a Fitbit Alta.

Racked put it best when they noted that Fitbit has a definite “fashion problem”. While their earlier bands and trackers were neutral and generally inoffensive, they weren’t exactly stylish. If you’ve worn a fitness band before, you probably know just how addictive having personal metrics and data available at your fingertips can be, and since most bands now grab data for steps, calories burned, and active and inactive minutes in addition to tracking sleep patterns, you never want to take the thing off. While perennial Fitbit use pairs well with activewear and decently with standard daywear, there are some occasions where the inclusion of a solid rubber bracelet just throws off your whole look. Date night. Weddings. Special events. You get the picture. Anything with a dress code higher than “casual” and your fitness tracker starts to look a little out of place. This is no bueno. The Fitbit Alta, however, aims to solve this problem.

Likin' what I'm seeing! {Via Fitbit}
Likin’ what I’m seeing! {Via Fitbit}

Billed as the brand’s “most fashionable device yet,” the Fitbit Alta is a thin, stylish, bracelet-like band with all of the trappings of a modern fitness tracker. Like most of Fitbit’s offerings, the Alta counts steps, tracks sleep, and provides reminders to move. The display screen shows distance, calories burned, and phone notifications–as well as giving you the time–all on a digital readout right on your wrist. While the band doesn’t have a heart-rate monitoring component, it does feature Fitbit’s “SmartTrack”, which is said to differentiate between activity types, and records this activity in the exercise section of the Fitbit app. There’s also wireless data syncing, a 5-day battery life, and the ability to program silent alarms. But let’s be real–the REAL reason I’m crushing on the Alta is because it’s gorgeous.

While Fitbit’s Tory Burch collab definitely upped the style ante, it was pricy and was only available for the “Flex” line of Fitbit products. The Alta, however, with its slim design and feminine lines is an inherently stylish device. On its own in black, blue, purple, or teal, it’s already fashionable and unobtrusive, but Fitbit has created a “luxe collection” of interchangeable leather bands and a metallic bracelet casing to further elevate the Alta’s aesthetic appeal. If that weren’t enough, there’s another Tory Burch collaboration in the works, and an upcoming partnership with NYC brand Public School that will bring Alta wearers even more style options. Obsessed.

The Fitbit Alta retails for $130, and is currently available for pre-order.  The bands are set to ship in April. You can check out all of the specs and details HERE.

What are your thoughts on Fitbit’s latest? Will you be wearing an Alta this spring?



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