1. 2016 just started, but there’s already a major list or “best ofs” in circulation. Check out the best food, beauty, and personal-care products for 2016 via Better Homes and Gardens, c/o The Today Show.
  2. I can TOTALLY relate to this Refinery 29 tale of Poshmark-obsession-turned-addiction thanks to my days as a buyer for a resale boutique. So good, so bad. Ahh, yikes.
  3. Heard of “cloud bread“?! According to Cosmo, it’s a guilt-free treat that’s trending on Pinterest.
  4. Buzzfeed presents…BUNNY YOGA. Yep–it’s yoga with actual bunnies. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to do a workout more than I want to do this one!
  5. Finally, from Elite Daily, a roundup of pop-culture Valentine’s Day cards that are too good not to share.

BONUS: My girl Susel is hosting a COOKIE giveaway with Ginny Bakes over on her Instagram! Head over and get entered ASAP – winner TBA on 2/14! ♡



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