How to Make Khloe Kardashian Cookie Jars

If you’ve caught an episode or two of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the last few seasons or so, you may have noticed Khloe Kardashian’s ultra glam, meticulously-maintained cookie jars. Here’s the thing, though: it’s a project that only LOOKS complicated. In reality, all it takes is a circular glass storage jar, a few bags of cookies, and 10 minutes for assembly. Since February is all about love and cute ish, now is pretty much the perfect time to Kardash your very own cookie jar with red velvet Oreos. You’re basically getting a cute piece of celeb-inspired decor and a valentine all in one. Oh, and there’s cookies too. Duh.

Obsessed with this look! Perfect for v-day and ultra easy to DIY.
Obsessed with this look! Perfect for v-day and ultra easy to DIY.


  1. 1-gallon glass storage jar {mine is from Target! Similar HERE.}
  2. 4 packages of Red Velvet Oreo cookies


Starting from the outside, line the bottom of the jar with Oreo cookies. When building the second layer of cookies, place the Oreos on the cracks or “seams” of the first layer–this arrangement creates the honeycomb-esque pattern we’re going for! Continue to follow this pattern as you stack each Oreo, one by one, in a circular motion until the jar is full. Sooo easy.

Kardashian Cookie Jar Tutorial

Pro tip: If you leave the center of the jar cookie free, you can use fewer Oreos and still maintain the image of a fully-stocked jar. When I was done building up the outside layers, I piled the center of the jar full of cookies so that people could grab a few from the top without completely destroying all of my hard work 😉 

The finished product!
The finished product!

According to a video Khloe posted of herself assembling this project, you can also use traditional Double Stuff Oreos, oatmeal raisin cookies, or Vienna Fingers in your jar, and she replaces her cookies every 30 days. She uses a 2-gallon jar and says that it takes her roughly 4.5 packages of Double Stuff Oreos to fill one up! Check it out to see the process live in action!

Are you into this glamorous way to store and display your cookies?! What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?



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