Oh this? I just liked it. {Source.}
Oh this? I just liked it. {Source.}

I’m feeling nostalgic about Monday Morning Coffee Chat. It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written anything with actual paragraphs. I’m not sure that I remember how to do it anymore. It’s so easy for me to crank out a numbered or bulleted list…Think of something. Write it down. Explain it a little. Wash, rinse, repeat. My thoughts tend to come out in little pops and pieces anyway.

I want everything I write here to be useful and valuable, so I don’t do many recap posts. I’ll get a little personal if I’ve had an experience that is somehow unique or interesting, or if I need the accountability that comes along with the public sharing of personal information, but I tend not to use this space to talk about feelings or life or what I did last weekend. Not because of vulnerability, but, because, why? How would that serve you guys? That doesn’t feel like it’s what this space is about.

It’s weird–from a consumption standpoint, I actually really enjoy personal stories. HOW people did things – lost weight, started a business, learned to wake up earlier, found the right person to be with, trained a dog. It’s interesting. It’s authentic. It helps you to connect. It’s part of why I enjoy podcasts and YouTube videos and live webinars. It’s why I find #OOTD posts on my Instagram feed so appealing. They’re all inherently personal. I’m wearing newly-destroyed pair of joggers with hot pink stains because they were improperly washed. My sweater is actually new, though. New and clean. New, clean, and by Chaser. There. Does that do it?

Things are new, too: I just moved to a new apartment, I’m in the multi-day process of organizing/cleaning my new closet, and I’m doing some awesome new work. I’m excited about all of it…almost. I’ve become completely obsessed with podcasts and webinars–any opportunity to soak up new information or to find out how to do things better appeals to me. I’ll always want to do more. I’ll always want to be a better human.

Right now, I’m sitting at my desk and eating vanilla blended Chobani and waiting for my webinar on Pinterest to begin. I wish I hadn’t switched out my MacBook for my giant desktop a two years ago, because this experience would be at least two times better in bed or on the couch. When you sit at a desk, it feels like work. And while I NEED this desk and this computer to keep me on task, I hate feeling chained to it.



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