How to Make February Suck WAY less

I kind of hate February. Like, with the exception of Valentine’s Day, I think it’s pretty awful. I mean, you’re just in the thick of things. If you’re in school, it’s midterm season. And even if you’re not, the excitement of the holidays has worn off, it’s still cold {and usually REALLY cold in the parts of the country that I’ve lived!}, everyone is sick, and it’s mega gloomy.  It’s basically all of the crappy stuff about winter without any of the perks rolled into the next four weeks. So yeah – February, you’re the worst. Sorry ’bout it. Here are a few things you can do to make this month suck less!

Get out of the house.

Cabin fever is real this time of year. Fight it! Even if you feel like you would be completely ok with another night in with Netflix and takeout, make an effort to spend time away from your usual environment. Go to a museum. Walk the mall. Make an unnecessary trip to Target or Trader Joe’s. Check out local events. If you can get outside for actual fresh air, even better.

Plan a vacation.

Even if you can’t GO on a trip ASAP, simply planning a getaway can provide a prime mental shift and break. Not only is this the perfect way to give yourself something to look forward to, but it also provides a basically endless form of distraction. Have you ever REALLY taken the time to think about all of the elements that go into a trip? February is your chance. I’ll get you started: destinations, lodging, excursions, duration, flights, wardrobe, sights to see, etc etc etc on forever. Can’t swing a vacation? Plan a party. Which brings me to…

Spend more time with people you really like.

While you’re probably already aware that general human interaction is like, biologically good for you, making an effort to have face time with people you love can seriously improve your mood. Do date night. Meet up with friends for drinks. Have lunch with your favorite family member. Even if you can’t meet up in person, try to make an effort to connect more.

Be a little frivolous.

Buy an insane new dress, the more impractical the better. I mean, maybe not COMPLETELY impractical because then you’ll get mad whenever you see it and realize you have no actual reason to wear it, but impractical enough that it actually seems like a treat. Got it? Now you’re totally allowed to create an occasion to wear it. Seriously though, you don’t even have to splurge to do this–just let loose. Go out for breakfast. Buy the fancy coffee drink. Go see a movie in theaters. Get a car wash. Schedule a massage. Make an in-app purchase or two. Live a little! Trust me, it helps.

Use the time to your advantage.

There’s a meme going around social media right now that’s all, “decided that 2016 starts again on February 1st…January was a trial month.” If that sentiment resonates with you, then there’s no better time to REALLY take action. Join a program, set some new goals, or continue to crush your resolutions. Also, let me just remind you: summer bodies are made in the winter. Personally, I’m going to be starting BeFit’s #BeFitAllYear initiative this month, which I’m super excited about because not only does the program really interesting {there’s a 30-day workout calendar, a 30-day workout video playlist, and BeFit’s own nutritional supplements involved!} but I’m pretty sure it will totally distract me from February’s typical gloom and force me to make the most of the month. TL;DR: Make the next 29 days your bitch. 😉

Thoughts on Feb? How do you deal?!



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  1. As I am reading this, I am trying to talk myself into not going home and out to a thing. I think getting out and being around people is key to making your time not suck. I also think allowing some downtime is key to making life not suck.

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