It's love.
It’s love.

This changes everything.

Once upon a time in 2012, I read a tweet that would change the course of my {sartorial} life forever…It said something along the lines of “I wish I could go braless as much as Miley Cyrus”. Prolific, I know. These words resonated so deeply within me that I decided to embrace the #bralessandflawless life almost instantaneously. I consider this an act of rebellion against my 24/7 VS phase that lasted roughly from ages 14 to 20. Since then, however, I’ve learned that bralettes are bae. You know, since they’re the best of both worlds. A little coverage, a little shaping, a little pretty, nothing serious. I F with sports bras and bandeaus from time to time, but Urban Outfitters’ bralettes have my heart. Or at least, they had my heart. There’s a new bralette in my life…and it’s from Aerie.

I know, I’m shocked, too. At 26, I can’t remember the last time I ventured into an American Eagle, let alone their underwear-slanging counterpart! This bralette is worth it, though. I’ll break it down for ya.

Aerie bra perks:

  • All-over lace with really pretty, decorative eyelash trim.
  • No underwire or closures, but still features adjustable twinned straps.
  • Actually has padding in the cups, which I appreciate for both shaping and shielding purposes.
  • The prettiest shade of sunshine-y, buttercream yellow.
  • Super affordable…Made even more so because I found the one I got at TJ Maxx for $5.

Good, right? The exact style I snagged is no longer available for direct purchase from Aerie, but their “open back triangle bralette” and “lace longline bralette” are both pretty visually similar. They’re also on sale for $20 apiece. At AERIE. Aerie! I can’t. Peep some of the available styles below.

…Seriously though, this discovery has low-key made me want to re-evaluate my entire life. I mean, if I’m missing out on the world’s best bralettes at Aerie, what ELSE could I be missing out on?!



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