1. I feel like we’re ALWAYS reading about new ways to kick sugar cravings, but Juila {AKA Society Grl herself!} has a list of go-to no sugar tricks that actually seem helpful, realistic, and simple.
  2. Here’s a really good reminder about clothing sizes, celebrities, and body image c/o Tumblr and What Not To Wear.
  3. Heard of the ‘Movesum‘ app?! It’s a pedometer that not only equates your steps to calories, but then uses that data to show you what that actually means in terms of food. {Ex. 12800 steps = 1 cheeseburger.} Kinda genius.
  4. Positivity time: Prolific Living has 39 affirmations for self love that you should check out real quick. Soak up the good vibes.
  5. Finally, Self has the cutest feature on sweet little things you can do for your parter to show your love. Aww.



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