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With nearly a month of 2016 under our belt, I thought it was about time to, you know, reflect on last year, so that’s what this is. Inspired by the biggest IG trend of the last month, a TSB retrospective…some of my favorite posts, some that got a lot of traffic, and a few randoms thrown in for good measure. Click through to check them out. Here’s the blog version of my #2015bestnine. 

Fitness + Health

1. The Secret Life of Before and After Photos – 3/28/15

What it’s about: I’m a total fan of taking progress photos, but have a major love-hate relationship with posting them online. Find out about the prevalence of highly edited  before and after photos, the weirdness that can come with sharing our images, and grab a few tips for staying safe online.

Why it made the list: Aside from the fact that this post got a lot of social shares, it’s also full of info that’s really important to keep in mind when posting and viewing pics online.

2. Staying Healthy{ish} When You’re Sick – 5/26/15

What it’s about: This is my personal “get well game plan”…Click over for ways to maintain your otherwise healthy/fitness-focused lifestyle when you’re feeling particularly gross, stay for the tips on beating a cold ASAP.

Why it made the list: Timeliness. EVERYONE is sick right now!

3. Let’s Talk Armpit Fat – 3/31/15

What it’s about: In a sentence? Armpit fat and how to deal. Seriously though, we’re talking what armpit fat IS, what seems to cause it, and how we can make it better.

Why it made the list: This bad boy continues to be one of my highest-traffic posts…Apparently “how to get rid of armpit fat” is a highly-googled term. 😉

Fashion + Beauty

4. Bikini Love: BRAKINIS Bikinis, Round 2! – 1/24/15

What it’s about: How to get the Aussie look on a budget, baby! My second review of Triangl-dupe-masters BRAKINIS swimwear contains more real-life pics, sizing info, and my shopping experience with the BRAKINIS team. Oh, and PS, they have a new website: lookbookstar.com.

Why it made the list: This feature–and the post that started it all, HERE, continues to drive a ton of traffic to the site. {Technically, part one is a little more popular, but it didn’t make the cut since it was written in 2014.}

5. Obsessed: XXI Love & Beauty Mega Color Lip Crayon in Berry – 6/7/15

What it’s about: My {semi-secret} addiction to The Bachelor/girl crush on Britt Nillson, Forever 21’s totally affordable beauty line, and the creamy lip crayon that you need to buy, stat.

Why it made the list: I spent an embarrassing amount of time and effort attempting to dig up the exact color of Bachelorette Britt’s signature berry lip, and the lip crayon that sparked this story is IT.

6. The Last Athleisure Post of 2015 {from me, anyway} 12/15/15

What it’s about: This post has it all, guys. There’s a summary on the current status of the street-to-studio style trend, three of my favorite recent finds in the athleisure arena, and a little list of places to shop for premium activewear. You’re welcome.

Why it made the list: Athleisure isn’t going anywhere any time soon, babe.

Everything Else

7. The Five Best Lifetime Movies that You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now 1/15/15

What it’s about: See the title? That’s pretty much it. Seriously though, I list and break down my five favorite Lifetime movies that are {were?} streaming on Netflix, because even though there are actually a lot of LT flicks available for instant watching, they aren’t all completely amazing…or even watchable. There’s even a part two!

Why it made the list: I’m apparently not the only one who secretly loves a little Lifetime action–this post continues to drive traffic and gets major clicks, even though it’s over a year old.

8. The Easiest DIY Ever: Colorful Bobby Pins 12/6/15

What it’s about: Here, I walk you through what is literally the easiest DIY in history–cute, colorful bobby pins. This is the perfect lazy Sunday art project if you want to feel accomplished and crafty. I also totally save you $8 with this tutorial, since it would cost that much to buy identical pins from Urban Outfitters. You’re welcome.

Why it made the list: I’m in love with this post and these pins, and readers seem to agree! Seriously, I’m notoriously awful at all things DIY, but this is totally simple and really cool.

9. Fake It Til You Make It: 10 Ways to Look & Feel Like You Have Your Life Together, Even if You Totally Don’t – 9/30/15

What it’s about: Legitimate tips for looking and feeling put together, beyond things like “drink more water”, “make your bed”, and “put your bills on autopay”. Yay, adulting!

Why it made the list: This TSB take on life hacks for getting your ish together flew under the radar, but is SO worth a read.

And that’s it! Thanks for a fab 2015!



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