1. Vogue makes the case for the return of the Juicy Couture sweatsuit and…I kind of love it.
  2. This Refinery 29 piece about a woman who used Yelp to review her dates {and ONLY her dates} is giving me life.
  3. Buzzfeed compiled a list of 25 things you need to live like an actual adult, which, even though it sounds ridiculous, is actually legitimately helpful.
  4. So cool it’s insane: Mara Hoffman collaborated with Yoga Design Lab to create a yoga mat that actually makes your workout harder. Byrdie has the scoop and a review!
  5. Finally, The Baum List, which is a site for dudes, posted “The Goldman Sachs Guide to Being a Man“, which is {obviously} also for dudes. It’s good though, and not completely gender specific, so I’m including it here. Go read!

BONUS: Yes I Yoga is launching an online store, and you can earn freebies just for getting your friends to sign up! Check out the details and sign up HERE – lots of cute stuff in store!



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