1. Dealing with insane sugar cravings? Byrdie has a really interesting, science-backed visualization trick to thwart them.
  2. Loving this article and accompanying YouTube video from HuffPo and beauty vlogger Jackie Aina about the beauty trends we collectively need to ditch in 2016! So funny.
  3. Single fit girls, this one’s for you! Though not technically something you need to read, if you’re on the search for a romantic partner who shares your interest in working out, you should probably download the app Sweatt, which I hear is like Tinder for the fitness community. {Feel free to tell me how great it is so I can live vicariously!}
  4. Buzzfeed’s list of {non-juice} cleanses to kick off 2016 is hilarious and totally genius.
  5. Lastly, StyleCaster rounds things out with their piece on beauty uses for common household items to the tune of 50 multi-tasking, DIY, budget-friendly beauty hacks!



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