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Attention beauty addicts! A French skincare essential has just become widely available stateside: Nuxe Huile Prodigiese dry oil. I sampled the stuff while studying abroad in college, and then kicked myself for months after returning home for failing to purchase a bottle of my own. Exclusivity is cool and all, but Huile Prodigieuse becoming easily accessible in my own backyard is incredible. It’s a game changer. I literally {and audibly} squealed when I actually saw this on the shelf at a local store.

Made in France from a blend of six essential botanical oils–macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, St. John’s wort, and camellia–and vitamin E, Huile Prodigieuse is a multi-purpose dry oil for body, hair, and face. The timing rocks too, since facial oils are super trendy right now, and anything oil-based tends to perform especially well for people in winter months. The formula is not at all greasy, and the product melts into skin on contact leaving only softness, shine, and a sultry, vaguely tropical, lingering fragrance that practically begs people to lean in and get a whiff of you. It makes hair shiny and soft, adds a sexy sheen to limbs, and is said to It’s all very glamorous and ladylike. Curious? Here’s how to use it and where to get it.

Use It…


From soft perfume to leg shine to extra-strength hydration for knees and elbows, Huile Prosigieuse is the ultimate body multi-tasker. It’s even been rumored to help to prevent and treat stretch marks! Here are my favorite ways to use it as a body product.

  • Add an ample amount to a bath for a fragrant, hydrating soak.
  • Rub over arms and legs.
  • Apply to pulse points as you would perfume. Huile Prosigieuse’s soft, floral fragrance is perfect on its own, but it’s also also subtle enough that it won’t over power or clash with your signature scent. {To me, it smells a lot like old-school suntan oil, minus the fake coconut. Instant hit of summer vacation and good vibes.}
  • Add a few drops to a fragrance-free moisturizer to create a lush body cream.
  • Going on vacation? You just found yourself a new tanning oil. Bonus: The company also makes a shimmer version of this oil replete with glimmering bronze flecks of super-fine glitter!


Huile Prosigieuse may not be a total hit as a hair oil if you have straight, fine hair, but a TINY drop or two does amazing things for my medium tresses. Here’s how I work it.

  • Make a DIY reparative hair mask by combining the oil with a generous amount of conditioner. Leave on for as long as possible {overnight would be ideal!} and then rinse out.
  • Spritz directly onto your hair brush before styling hair.
  • Rub a drop or two between hands and work through damp hair before blowdrying.
  • Use a single drop to tame flyaways and smooth split ends.


While I haven’t personally used the stuff on my face, Huile Prodigieuse goes on dry {obvi?} with no residue and is said to make skin soft, supple, glowy, and healthy. Here’s how to get in on all of that, too.

  • Smooth directly onto face or add a few drops to your daytime moisturizer.
  • Blend a few drops into your favorite foundation for a dewy finish.
  • Nuxe notes that Huile Prodigieuse is also ideal for use after sunbathing.

Get it!

Shop the story: A 50ml bottle of the classic dry oil retails for $29, while the shimmer edition of the same size goes for $39. While it isn’t the MOST budget-friendly dry oil in the market, the packaging is chic, it’s a multi-tasking product, and it’s French. Like, the literal translation is “prodigious oil”. Worth it. You can scoop up the classic HERE and the shimmer HERE. {And if you’re an overachiever, GILT is currently selling a special holiday duo that contains both the classic oil and a 3.3oz bottle of the Huile Prodigieuse perfume!} Nuxe products are also being sold in select Target beauty departments. Get on it, girl!

Are there any new obsession-worthy beauty products on your radar?



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