Oh hiiii, 2016! {Source.}
Oh hiiii, 2016! {Source.}

I’ve always been a fan of resolutions–at the very least making resolutions–so I kind of love this time of year.

I have a few solid pages full of goals and intentions for 2016 {everything from blogging to beauty to life in general}, but since the general population tends to become health focused at the turn of each new year, I figured I would share my fitness-specific resolutions for 2016 here. Right now this particular segment of my resolutions list is only four items long, but since I dig the resolution/goal setting thing year round, I’m sure this will double by June. Here are my 2016 fitness resolutions!

  1. Run 13.1 miles. This little task was on my list last year and I definitely did not achieve it, so here it is again for 2016! I started running consistently in the summer of 2014 and road my runner’s high through the first few months of 2015, but as of late, runs of over 4 miles have become seriously sporadic at best. Distance running is something I’m looking to get {back} into in a big way this year.
  2. Successfully complete {i.e. DOMINATE} the upcoming SELFxTone It Up Challenge. I’m so excited (INSERT SAVED BY THE BELL CLIP HERE) for this challenge to start! I’m patterning up with my girl Nikki and we’re basically chomping at the bit waiting for things to kick off. Between the latest issue of SELF, my recent purchase of the Tone It Up book, and the four new exclusive workouts, I’m ecstatic {and fully prepared} to start 2016 in the best possible way!
  3. Stay CONSISTENT with healthy living. No summertime slump this year, baby! This past year, I really let changes, uncertainty, and moving get to me, and by the middle of summer, I was feeling pretty gross. Though some of that is unavoidable {life happens, after all} I’m going to make a concerted effort to not have that happen in 2016. There will definitely be stress and another move is always plausible, but I need to strengthen my resolve and take it in stride while living healthfully instead of letting changes derail me.
  4. Achieve actual arm definition. I’ve been really into toned arms lately–like, I notice them everywhere. Know what I have zero of, though? Upper body strength. It also doesn’t help that I haaate arm workouts. But! But. I really want slim, sexy, toned arms so I’ll be working to make that happen in 2016, probably through a combination of targeted Tone It Up routines and Ballet Beautiful circuits.

Do you make new year’s resolutions? Have any fitness/health/wellness ones you wanna share?



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    • Thanks, Trena! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your vids in 2016! Fingers crossed for #SELFTIU ones! ♡

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