1. If you love a good compilation post like I do {um, hello?!} then this best of 2015 piece from Well + Good is a must. Everything from tackling inflammation to increasing happiness is covered!
  2. Byrdie has the scoop on the latest K-beauty trend that’s said to seriously enhance your jawline WITHOUT going under the knife or spending more than $50.
  3. Since I’m unreasonably obsessed with all things Mt. Everest: The Guardian’s recent article on Sherpa strikes, the adventure travel boom, and the Everest revolution.
  4. Considering Orangetheory Fitness? You miiight want to check out this little piece from Refinery 29 first…Make sure to read the comments, too!
  5. Finally, even though gifting season is basically over, you should probably still bookmark this list of 35+ retailers that offer instant e-gift cards c/o SheFinds for next year!



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