KJ approved. {Source.}
KJ approved. {Source.}

Yes, you read that title correctly–I am obsessed with midi shirts. Shirts. Not skirts. Know what I’m saying? It’s a new take on the crop top craze with 50% more chill. Trust me, it’s a good look.

Cute, right? The 'Ali' top. {Via Brandy Melville.}
Cute, right? The ‘Ali’ top. {Via Brandy Melville.}

I was introduced to the concept of a midi shirt by the brand WILDFOX…They sell a relaxed-fit “Southampton Hangover Club” shirt that they call a “midi tee”. That description is pretty apt–the midi shirt hits around mid waist, somewhere between a standard-length top and a cropped one, just as a midi skirt hits between the mini and maxi markers. I love that midi shirts are just a liiiittle longer, so they offer a bit more coverage and comfort for that #winterbod,  yet are still cropped enough that they’re flattering they pair perfectly with anything with a high waist. Oh, and believe it or not, that extra couple of inches of midriff-covering fabric legitimately helps with warmth, making the style a viable  cold-weather option. Just like their sister the crop top, midi shirts come in a variety of fits and silhouettes from boxy to tight. The look is customizable, which pretty much means it’s also universally flattering. You have options.

Convinced you need one? Here are a few of my favorite midi shirts to get you started! 

Shop the Look: Midi Shirts

Another cute midi shirt from Silence + Noise. {Via Urban Outfitters.}
Another cute midi shirt from Silence + Noise. {Via Urban Outfitters.}
  • Ribbed long sleeve crop top, $20-$45 @Topshop.
  • Aqua pink ribbed turtleneck midi top, $26.90 @Bloomingdales.
  • Nightcap x Carisa Rene Spanish lace off-the-shoulder midi top, $60 @Shopbop.
  • Leith mélange knit slouchy midi top, $48 @Nordstrom.
  • Silence + Noise striped crossedfront midi top, $20 @Urban Outfitters.
  • Line and Dot St. Martin knit zippered midi tank, $34 @Nasty Gal.
  • Design Lab by Lord & Taylor black turtleneck midi top, $58 @Lord & Taylor.
  • Calvin Klein super-soft relaxed fit crewneck midi tee, $39 @Urban Outfitters.

Are you into midi shirts?



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