1. Want to feel a little happier/more productive/just better in general? I got you–here are 100 things to do instead of procrastinating on the Internet from Gala Darling!
  2. So uh, there’s another “Kardashian” show in the works…This one, though, is apparently inspired by Khloe’s recent physical transformation, and is all about getting a “revenge body“. Iiinteresting. Details over at ELLE.
  3. If you’re into life hacks, Planet of Success compiled a list of 14 subtle but unexpectedly powerful psychological tactics that will help you succeed in life.
  4. In similar life hack-iness, College Candy has four useful things you can do with those little silica bead packets besides just throwing them away.
  5. Finally, pretty sure that THIS admission from Chobani is proof that the Sriracha craze has officially gone too far.



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