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Talking holiday travel, tips, tricks, & essentials with Vera Bradley.

If I could offer you ONE travel tip, it would be this: Choose the right luggage. The right bag is everything. Ideally, it saves you money, makes you look cute, and has a place for all of your stuff. In short, good luggage makes your life easier, and I am ALL about ease.

Here's a close-up of the the quilting!
Here’s a close-up of the bag…love the quilting!

My brown and blue Vera Bradley duffle has been my go-to travel bag since my freshman year of college. It’s deceptively large, fits into virtually every airplane overhead compartment, and is incredibly durable–I’ve had mine since 2009! It’s been with me for casual weekend road trips to studying abroad in Madrid…I even brought it on my honeymoon. It’s THAT good. Since nearly SEVEN years have passed, though, I was definitely ready for a little luggage makeover. Thankfully, Vera Bradley gifted me their new Large Duffel Travel Bag in black, and I’m obsessed. It’s streamlined. Chic. Timeless. Classy. The new iteration of the classic Vera duffle keeps all of the features I love, but offers an updated design, even better construction, and the luxe black quilting is totally gorgeous…I feel like the design has grown up along with me, so it’s basically the ideal post-collegiate travel bag. This isn’t the Vera Bradley of the early 2000s, babes. It’s a major upgrade!

Introducing my favorite carry-on bag! The Vera Bradley Large Duffel.
Introducing my favorite carry-on bag! The Vera Bradley Large Duffel.

Let’s talk key features. One of the reasons I loved my original Vera Bradley duffle is that it was deceptively large, and the new large duffel is the same great size. I can easily pack for a week away with only this duffle–I took it with me when I tagged along on a four-day business trip last week, and even though I seriously overpacked, it was perfect. It housed all of the necessities {four daytime outfits, four pairs of shoes, PJs, gym clothes, and my holiday party ensemble} and my flat iron, iPad, two magazines, and a book with room to spare. Since the edges of the duffel are soft, you can really move things around and scrunch them down, utilizing all of the bag’s available space. The original version of the duffel featured a large outside pocket for quick access to books, magazines, and other carry-on essentials, so I was so happy to see that the new bag retained this design element, too! Instead of being on the end of the bag, though, it’s right on the side for even easier access. This is usually where I store my iPad, snacks, and a magazine or two. If you’re in the market for new luggage of your own, I highly recommend a piece by Vera Bradley. You can shop their collection online HERE. Phew! Now that I’ve gushed about my Vera Bradley travel bag and the critical importance of luggage selection, here are four more travel tips to round things out…just in time for your holiday trips!

Guys, I fit ALL of this {and more!} in this ONE bag. Kind of cray.
Guys, I fit ALL of this {and more!} in this ONE bag. Kind of cray.

#TSBtravels: 4 Tips & Tricks for Improving Any/All of Your Upcoming Trips

  1. No matter where you’re going, make sure to pack at least one “warm” outfit. There is nothing worse than being cold! Even if you’re going somewhere warm, there’s always a chance that weather could get weird or the AC could be insane….and I personally always freeze on planes. My go-to cozy pieces are a pair of jeans or yoga pants, an oversized infinity scarf, and an open-front sweater. Another one of my must-packs? A pair of slides or flip flops. They come in handy for quick trips to the hotel shop, concierge, or nearby coffee spots.
  2. Snacks are essential. Remember THIS post? Yeah…Whether you’re flying or driving, avoid food-related meltdowns and pack yourself something quick and healthy to have on hand. Raw unsalted almonds, Lara Bars, kale chips, and dried mango slices are my faves. In addition to potentially preserving your sanity, this tip also saves you money–most airports DO stock healthy options now, but you’ll definitely be paying a premium for that organic fruit salad and bottle of kombucha.
  3. Search local deal sites before and during your trip to save money on attractions. With a little bit of planning, you shouldn’t ever have to pay market price for tickets, admissions, or passes while you’re traveling. Check Groupon, Gilt City, LivingSocial, and Travel Zoo a week or so before you leave, and again during your trip and find low-cost entertainment options and discounts on everything from gourmet dinners out to spa services. All of the aforementioned sites  have mobile apps, so you can get your saving on on-the-go. Additionally, make sure to look out {and ask!} for tourist-specific perks and discounts, which are offered in a variety of locales from malls to museums to gyms.
  4. Assemble an “emergency” kit. Emergency kit saves the day every time. Get a cute pouch or makeup bag and fill it with all of the stuff that you always WISH you’d remembered to bring with you–gum, bandaids, tampons, Advil, a nail file, maybe $20–and keep it in your suitcase! That’s where it lives. You can also add things like clear nail polish, a rollerball of your favorite perfume, and a mini-deodorant, but be prepared to take them out of your carry on at security if you’re flying!
A lil before and after action of the Vera Bradley Large Duffel in action!
A lil before and after action of the Vera Bradley Large Duffel in action!

What is your #1 travel tip? Are you as into Vera Bradley 2.0 as I am?!



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