1. As a person with a {somewhat?!} uncommon name, I am VERY into this article from xoJane about weird gifts you can personalize. True story: the only thing I had with my name on it as a child was a rubber stamp that actually said “ELIZABETH”, but that my mom somehow melted/burned/otherwise modified to chop off the “Beth” half, sooo yeah, totally here for personalization. 
  2. Want to up your Insta game? Peep these 15 tips for improving your photos from Cosmo.
  3. Ban backsliding! Here are some helpful solutions for getting back on track with any/all of your goals, c/o Alexandra Franzen.
  4. While I have yet to personally partake in the health craze that is oil pulling, Wellness Mama has a great tutorial for creating single-serving oil pulling chews, if you’re into that sort of thing.
  5. Last but not least, here’s how to get legs like a Rockette{!!} from Byrdie.



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